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Kuala Lumpur, March 6: With Malaysia’s hottest months of the year coming up, Coway, the Best Life Solution Company introduces its first-ever inverter air conditioner, a cooling product that efficiently transforms your home into a cooler, more comfortable space for the whole family. Known for its expertise in providing a clean, pure living environment, Coway aims to Change Your Life by expanding its product line-up to ensure that Malaysians not only experience the cool comfort of the air conditioner, but with cleaner air quality that doubles as pure protection toward every corner of your home.
“At Coway, we are always looking for new and innovative ways to improve our technology to benefit Malaysians’ homes. Air conditioning systems are an integral part of one’s home, and Coway wants to ensure that with Coway Air Conditioner, our customers can get a pleasant experience, where the air is cool and clean whenever they are looking to relax and feel at ease in their home. We are setting a new standard for home wellness and comfort with our latest innovation, and want to inspire Malaysians to join us in leading better, healthier lives,” Kyle Choi, Managing Director of Coway Malaysia said.
Coway Air Conditioner comes with a five-step filtration system which includes silver ion coating and HEPA filter for a thorough purifying process. Unlike any other, the air conditioner also comes with a self-cleaning feature using heat sterilisation that eliminates bacteria and microorganisms. Besides that, the gentle wind function enables natural airflow and a comfortable breeze in your home. As an added bonus, the gentle breeze automatically circulates four-ways according to the desired direction. Meanwhile, the air conditioner remote allows customers to control up to nine different modes; from swing, to eco mode, turbo and more. It is all in your hands to decide on the airflow that fits your home environment.
Beyond hygiene, the Coway Air Conditioner receives a certified 5-star rating for energy efficiency from the Energy Commission Board of Malaysia. “Coway understands that a great home appliance hinges on two main aspects; adding value to homeowners and solving the needs of customers today. Our new air conditioner prioritises hygiene through its filtration performance, whilst being eco-friendly via a fast cooling capability with low electricity consumption. These attributes make Coway Air Conditioner a must-have appliance that gives customers peace of mind and convenience,” Choi said.
To top it off, Coway also provides a seven-Step Air Conditioner Care Service.
The air conditioner will undergo regular maintenance which includes operations and contamination check, cleaning, enzyme treatment, UV sterilisation, coil treatment, and air filter change. This complimentary service will be carried out once every six months for five years. Coway continues to deliver on its premise of advancing wellness for its customers by ensuring that its air conditioner is clean and functioning effectively.

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