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Kuala Lumpur, March 3: According to a recent World Bank Report, Malaysia has yet  to realise the full potential of digital technologies to boost small and medium enterprise (SME)  productivity as many Malaysian firms that sought to turn to digital solutions over the last two years  have only used them for basic customer-facing functions such as social media presence.
It  warns that the lack of depth and breadth of SME digitalisation could raise the risk of a growing  digital divide, at a time when digitalisation is becoming more crucial for SMEs to stay competitive.
Dedicated to support SME on their digital journey and improve their productivity and  competitiveness, home-grown digital solution and application development specialist, Agmo  Holdings Berhad, launched their latest AI-powered Sales Force Automation (SFA) app – Agmo  Sales, which is SME-budget friendly and aims to simplify their B2B sales processes.

Tan Aik Keong

“Digital transformation  remains an uphill climb for SME in the country. Some business owners/operators find it  cumbersome, expensive and a complicated effort as they are not aware of relevant digital  technologies and have limited IT capabilities,” Chief Executive Officer of Agmo Holdings Berhad, Tan Aik Keong said.
Agmo Sales would address major back-end sales processing pain points faced by SMEs, making  digital adoption a much easier decision.
“The traditional sales process provides no visibility, is labour intensive and prone to human error. Digitalisation however, helps business owners to detect, identify and prevent operational bottlenecks by saving millions in delays, inefficiencies and  losses of revenue.”
“Designed with sales processes optimization at its core, Agmo Sales will reduce the efforts needed in sales processes by helping businesses track customer payments and provide better  recommendations of products.
“In addition to streamlining the sales process, it also provides  essential information on orders, pricing, and payment status, at the users’ fingertips,” Tan added.

How Does Agmo Sales Digitalise the Sales process?  

Equipped with an intelligent search feature and AI-powered recommender, it enables  SMEs to conveniently find and recommend products  
Helps businesses make informed decisions to drive growth with advanced analytics and  access in-depth insights of data, identify trends and patterns  
Eliminates the need for heavy and complicated physical catalogues and reduces the  burden of excessive manual data entry, making it easier to read and comprehend orders  and enquiries.
“Agmo Sales is part of the group’s latest suite of retail solutions under Agmo Retail.
“It is designed  to support businesses across a wide range of key industries, including fast-moving consumer  goods (FMCG), medical instruments and food and beverage (F&B), allowing businesses to unlock  the value of digitalisation and further improve their operational efficiency.
“We are committed to help SMEs optimise and digitise their sales operations in a way that is  easily accessible, traceable and visible, in lieu of lengthy paperwork.
“That is our vision of a full digital transformation in Malaysia,” concluded Tan.
In conjunction with the launch, Agmo Sales is now available for subscription with 50 per cent discount  for as low as RM 49.50 per month for ‘Salesperson’ users, and RM24.50 per month for ‘Manager’s users. 

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