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Before the big boys pick you up, let your brand be made known to our readers. What we can offer you is an exclusive interviews on your brand’s formation and also work with you in producing a series of articles related to your brand. We would like to consider them as camouflage sponsored posts.


We will do a deep dive research on your brand and send over a set of 10 questions for replies and once that comes through we would then be sure to crave them out into feature articles that are embellished with two pictures provided by the client. If you’d like a video element added to it then we can do that too.


We have a bespoke podcast series called 30 minutes with DailyStraits.com, which we started on April 2021 where we have interviewed a range of entrepreneurs and interesting individuals. The show has listeners in over 13 countries with over 107 episodes to date.

Our Packages



Republishing your company’s blog post or any content you have that you want us to republish would be AU$500 per blog post which includes a social media plug. Editing would be done on these kinds of article to fit house style and we also  have the liberty to shorten headline to fit the DailyStraits.com mobile app.



Email interview and followed with feature article and social media plug. All interviews will remain on the site for a lifetime.




The full blown package, an exclusive interview in a written form, a podcast along with social media plug. Lifetime coverage.

Only at Tapiroo.com!

YayaEzzy Backpack
YayaEzzy Backpack
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