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We can provide exclusive interview coverage and collaborate with you to produce a variety of brand-related articles. These write-ups can be regarded as sponsored content to seamlessly blend with our platform.


Our process involves conducting in-depth research on your brand and sending you a set of 10 questions for your responses. Once we receive your answers, we’ll craft feature articles, complete with client-provided photos.


Our bespoke podcast series, “30 minutes with DailyStraits.com,” features interviews with entrepreneurs and captivating individuals from across the globe. Currently, our show has garnered listeners from 13 countries.

Our Packages



We offer the option to republish up to five of your company’s blog posts or other relevant pieces of content. Each article can include two photos provided by you. Please be aware that we retain the right to make necessary editorial edits to ensure quality and consistency.



We provide comprehensive coverage, including email, phone, and video interviews, followed by expertly crafted write-ups and robust social media promotions. As part of our all-inclusive service, we will provide three exclusive write-ups. All content on DailyStraits.com is protected by copyright.  Additional charges may apply if a client wishes to reproduce the post elsewhere.



Our comprehensive package includes an exclusive written interview, a podcast feature, and extensive social media promotion. Please note that all content on DailyStraits.com is protected by copyright, and additional charges may apply for reproduction elsewhere. This package is ideal for creating a five-part series highlighting the brand you want to promote.