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By June Ramli

I went and watched The Resistance at the Australian Theatre for Young People (ATYP) last Saturday.
The show was really good and had actors ranging from pre-teens, teens to adults.
This was an interactive show just like the Darkness except with this show, the young actors would get volunteers from the audience to act out certain scenes from the play.
I thought this was a smart way to save money on production costs. 

It also was a great way to keep the audience engaged with the show because now they were involved in it too.
The show itself had two main characters, an Indian-Australian actor and another Indegenious girl.
Besides those two diversity hires, the rest of the cast were all white. 

The Resistance.
One of the actors seen here signalling for volunteers.

The show was centered around a very heavy and rather boring topic which was climate change.
It talks about how a group of youngsters band together to create a protest of sorts around Australia to force the government to do more on climate change.

I’d be honest here, it would have been a boring play had they not got the audience involved. 
The audience involvement meant that they were needed to hold banners, move around the props and even act out a scene or two.


Just watched the matinee show called the Resustance at the ATYP in Hickson Road in Sydney. The show ends on March 11, 2023. #thingstodoinsydney

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Watched the Resistance at ATYP last week.

As I attended the matinee show at 2pm, the audience were mostly children accompanied by parents and the kids loved the show.
So, if you are wondering how best to entertain your kids with some fun-filled activities, then might I suggest that you take them for this play.
The show lasts about one and half hours and the show ends on March 11.

The writer right after watching the Resistance.

Next I would like to talk about the ATYP, which is a not-for-profit national youth theatre company located in Woolloomooloo.
The best way to get there is via public transportation because street parking is super limited. 
The ambience of the theatre itself is great.
There is a cafe there where you could go and order food and drinks after the show or celebrate a birthday or two.
I saw a family celebrating the birthday of a young lad at the cafe right after the show was over.
They brought their own cake, because the cafe does not sell whole cakes for any sort of celebrations, they only have sliced cakes on offer.
The theatre also boasts great views of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and so if you are interested in taking a selfie or two for your Instagram, you’d be very pleased with the results as I was. 
Earlier, in the week, I also visited the Sky Deck at the Crown Sydney hotel.


Want to do something free in Sydney that involves some nice photos for your Instagram? Then head on down to Crown Sydney in Barangaroo for their Sky Deck tour. Despite being a free tour, bookings are essential. #freebies #sydney #barangaroo #australia #crownsydney #newsinbrief #dailystraits

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Sky Deck tour at Crown Sydney.

The Sky Deck is a free tour provided by the hotel for 30 minutes.
Read more about it here and check out my TIK TOK on the visit here. 

Take breathtaking photos like this at the Sky Deck in Crown Sydney.

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