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By June Ramli

I had an eventful weekend this week.
I went to the cinema after scoring two free tickets to watch The Whale courtesy of madmanfilms.
So, thank you.
The movie was very nice. It talks about what depression can do to you if it is left unchecked.
I saw the movie on Saturday and have been thinking about the plot ever since.
The movie is set in the US and takes us on a journey with Brendan Fraser, an obese lecturer who lives alone.
The story is basically about how Fraser tries to rekindle his relationship with his estranged daughter through writing as he knows he only has days left to live.
It is a simple story yet coupled with a strong message.

The Whale’s Official Trailer.

Although this movie is not as entertaining as I hoped it to be, it definitely packs a bunch of life lessons throughout the entire film.
Like why grief should always be nipped in the bud and that the American medical system is a joke.
You will get my point when you watch the film.
The whole movie was set in the living room of Fraser’s rental apartment and so all the drama takes place there.
This movie also teaches us to be kind towards obese people, because you never know what sort of mental health struggles they are going through – causing them to turn to food and gain all those excess weight.
The immediate effect that this movie had on me was it made me want to exercise more and force myself to get out and mingle no matter what circumstance I am in.
If you have the time and the resources, go watch the movie, otherwise, just wait for it to make its debut on Netflix.
Case in point, The Black Phone, a movie that I reviewed last year is now available on Netflix as one of its new releases.
So, just be patient and wait cause it will only be a matter of time before The Whale makes its debut on Netflix too.

The Library in Newtown.
The Library in Newtown.

While on Sunday, I went to The Library at 5, Eliza Street in Newtown, and caught a 90-minute theatrical performance called The Darkness.
Not much review was written about this show so, here I am providing you with some much-needed insight.
This show has nudity and that is why you are not allowed to photograph it while watching the performance.
Yes, I saw two men stripped naked during the play.
This was the first time I witnessed complete nudity in a theatre performance and mind you I have been to many theatrical shows in the past.
There wasn’t much review about the show or any warning about the fact that there was nudity.
One lady actually brought her son who looked lost and embarrassed.
I honestly felt she should have left.
There is not only nudity, there is even vulgar language used in the dialogue.
So, this play is seriously not suitable for those below 18.
As for the show itself, I was totally lost with the storyline, all I knew was there were five actors, real good actors, two of them were ladies, and one I think was an Australian of South Asian descent.
So, I can safely say they had a diverse cast.
It was entertaining and the nudity at the very start of the show gave it some razzmatazz.
The theatre itself was very small and intimate but the actors had made it work.
Sometimes, the actors, would sit among us the audience, and listen to their peers finish saying their lines or wait until their turn is up.
It was an interesting performance that I never experienced before.
I would highly suggest you go and check out this show with an open mind.
If you are a conservative person who has just migrated here, then it is best you give this a pass.
I would rate this show a 10 out of 10 because the actors were very good, they delivered the script very well, and were not shy to strip in front of strangers.
Oh, and this play had no intermission in between so be sure you arrive early if you want to use the bathroom.

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