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Livestream shopping has taken Southeast Asia by storm, as more consumers seek for interactive shopping experiences within the comfort of their homes. The popularity of livestream shopping has skyrocketed in recent years, providing a unique and engaging way for consumers to discover and purchase products. Whether it is live product demonstrations, virtual shopping guides, or engaging social media influencer hosts, livestream shopping is changing the way consumers shop and interact with brands in Southeast Asia.
Southeast Asia consumer research company, Milieu Insight, conducted a study on livestreaming shopping behaviours and preferences with 9000 respondents in Southeast Asia 500 each from Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia via Milieu Insight’s online proprietary panel in January 2023.

Livestreamers are bringing the human touch back to online shopping – are Southeast Asians sold?

Nearly 5 in 10 consumers in Southeast Asia tune in to livestream sales at least once a week; 63 per cent of them have made a purchase

  • Across the region, 82 per cent have ever watched a livestream sales video, among which 48 per cent watch them at least once a week
    • Vietnamese consumers watch livestream sales videos most frequently, with 65 percent indicating that they do so at least once a week, followed by consumers in Thailand (57 per cent) and Malaysia (48 per cent)
  • Sixty three per cent of those who have watched livestream sales videos have made a purchase, again, highest in Vietnam (79 per cent) and lowest in Singapore (40 per cent)
  • “Clothing & Shoes” easily tops the list of product categories that consumers bought via livestream (59 per cent), skewing towards Filipino consumers (73 per cent)
  • Consumers in Singapore and Thailand (41 per cent and 44 per cent respectively) tend to purchase “Grocery & Food” via livestream, more so than others in the region
  • The top reasons why Southeast Asian consumers enjoy watching livestream sales videos are:
    • There are many promotions/ discounts (46 per cent)
    • Able to understand the product in greater detail (39 per cent)
    • I can shop without having to go to a physical store (37 per cent)
    • I can easily get answers to my questions about the product by posting a comment (37 per cent)
    • I can discover new products (32 per cent)
Livestreamers are bringing the human touch back to online shopping – are Southeast Asians sold?

Singapore consumers are least receptive towards livestream shopping

Consumers are approaching livestream sales videos with curiosity

  • Consumers usually go into livestream videos already knowing what they want to buy, but seven in 10 are open to buying products that interest them
    • Fourty three per cent of shoppers in the region said that when they watch livestream sales videos, they already know what they want to buy, but are open to buying other products that interest them
    • Similarly, another 29 per cent is open to buying products that interest them, but they usually go in without knowing what they want to buy
  • When asked what consumers like about shopping via livestreams, 38 per cent in Singapore and the Philippines said that it is because they can discover new products

Marketplace ecommerce still triumphs over livestream shopping as preferred online shopping method

  • Respondents were asked to rank their preferred online shopping methods among these four methods such as marketplace ecommerce platforms, brands or retailers’ websites, brands or retailers’ social media and livestream videos
  • Shopping on marketplace ecommerce platforms tops the list (32 per cent), while preferences are similar across the three other channels

What about the hesitant?

  • Among those who have watched a livestream sales video but yet to make a purchase of 30 percent of the 9000 respondents surveyed, the top reasons for so are:
    • Unsure about the quality of the products (43 per cent)
    • I’ve not seen a product that I wanted to purchase (39 per cent)
    • I’m worried that they are scams (eg. don’t receive the product I buy, or the products are fake (34 per cent )
  • When asked about the likelihood of them ever making a purchase via livestream videos, the opinions are split – 48 per cent indicated very or somewhat likely
    • In Singapore, nearly eight in 10 said that they are somewhat or very unlikely to do so

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