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New York, March 16: Filipino music app Kumu is closer to crowning the first winner of Sing For The Stars – a live stream international singing competition dubbed the first of its kind.  
The international event will kick start this Saturday with judges finalising the last four of 15 hopefuls before officially setting off the tournament.
“Thanks to technology, geography is now history,” Kumu’s Senior Vice President for Strategy and International Affairs Anand Roy said. 
Roy and Kumu’s Vice President of Content, KC Montero went on to discuss the revolutionary nature of organising the completely virtual competition, and the part that music played in the success of the app in a media conference recently.

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“Every day on Kumu feels like a multi-stage music festival, and as a social network for musicians, by musicians, we feel that it’s only right that we create an opportunity that enables all artists to really shine,” Roy said.
Four-time Grammy winner Michael Bublé and Tony Award-winner Lea Salonga were also present in the media conference and their advice as judges to aspiring stars was also discussed.
Kumu has been connecting content creators and digital artists to audiences all over the Philippines and around the world.
They’ve hit some major media milestones most recently in the form of TV collaborations and a film launch and now the fast-growing social entertainment app is shaking things up in the music space with this virtual singing competition.
By coming together and conducting an entire season of a musical face-off, Kumu, Warner Music Philippines, and the judges, Bublé and Salonga hope to help fulfil the social entertainment platform’s primary goal of creating meaningful connections, regardless of location or distance, and to foster inclusivity in creative spaces.
“I know so many artists who gravitated to Kumu in particular,” Salonga said.
“It’s such a natural fit, and kind of a godsend, really, so that artists can keep doing what they love.”
“I’m sure we’re going to find someone who makes us just go… wow,” Bublé said.
“I bet you, in five years’ time when the winner is topping the charts, we look back on Sing for the Stars and we can say, they came from this, we discovered that. I cannot wait for these artists to enter my life.”
Sing for the Stars virtual competition starts on March 19 at 9am EST or 6am PST. 

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