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Sydney, March 15: Australian start-up Una Brands announces that it will invest $100 million to acquire Australian e-commerce businesses over the next two years.
Since its launch last June, the company has acquired 28 brands with annual run-rate revenue of over $100 million, selling across multiple categories.

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“Australia has been a hugely successful market for us,” Una Brands co-founder Adrian Johnston said.
“This investment of AUD100 million means that we can double down on our investments and help Australian brands go global and achieve their full potential.”
Una Brands last year closed Series A with over $20 million investment, analysed data from Shopify and Amazon on over 40,000 Australian sellers to reveal that the Home, Kitchen, Personal Care and Beauty businesses make up the majority of Australia’s e-commerce sector.

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Australian sellers in the Home & Kitchen category on Amazon racked up the highest number of reviews out of any category taking 19 per cent of all reviews.
As more people turn to sell online either as a side hustle or primary business, there are sustainable revenues to be made.
Johnston estimates that there are over 2,000 independent e-commerce brands with revenue over $1 million in Australia.
Una Brands are on the hunt for successful marketplace and direct-to-consumer businesses that have the key ingredients, generating over $1 million in annual revenue, a great product and happy customers. Sellers who are top sellers on Amazon or Shopify, offered at a reasonable price tag, with hundreds of four-star ratings have the right formula to persuade shoppers to ‘Buy Now’.

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Una Brands recent acquisitions in Australia include the seven figure purchase of Bellaforte from 15-year-old Gold Coast teenager Sam Richards.
Sam founded Bellaforte two years ago, selling reusable, affordable and recyclable unbreakable drinkware for celebratory events.
COVID-19 skyrocketed Bellaforte to new heights and to keep up with demand, Richards looked to other growth models and discovered Una Brands.
Una Brands is following a broader trend of consolidation within the e-commerce space.
Over the last two years, USD$13 billion has been raised by investors to buy and merge e-commerce businesses.
The majority of this is being deployed in the USA and Europe while Una Brands is the only e-commerce aggregator that operates in Australia.

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