Reflecting On 2022

Where did the rationality of the "Unity" government go?

Travel Spotlight: Tahiti 

June Ramli finally visits Tahiti this year after years of wanting to do so.

Travel Spotlight: New Caledonia 

Exploring New Caledonia for the first time since restrictions were lifted.

Malaysian Hotels Rated

A Malaysian diaspora recounts her experience living in various hotels.

CIO’s Role Explained

Today’s CIO serves as mission control for the company.

News In Brief

Welcome to our ‘News In Brief’ column.

Review: JOI Classmate 30

We reviewed the JOI Classmate 30 and here is what we think.

Aussies Spending Less

Australians spending less this Christmas.

Trusting Our Politicians

Can we trust our politicians? - Tragedies and Ideologies.