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Many Willing To Quit Job For NFT Games

Sydney, March 17: NFT gaming platform Balthazar has released its inaugural Community Insights Report, which found one in three respondents or 32 per cent said they will quit their job or consider quitting if they could play NFT games full time.
Of the 1,103 respondents who are predominantly from the Philippines, this figure includes those who currently play NFT games and those who don’t. 
A further 59 per cent said they would play full-time while working on other jobs.
Over two-thirds or 65 per cent of respondents said they would need to earn a minimum of US$42 on average to consider quitting their job to play NFT games full-time.

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More than half or 55 per cent of the respondents said they would need to earn between US$1 and US$20 per day to afford to quit their current job to play.
Out of those who have jobs, they earn US$316 on average per month, or about US$16 per workday.
The majority or 85 per cent of those surveyed were Balthazar Wizards – a term used for those who signed up to Balthazar’s scholarship program – said they play in a guild because they love the community support and learning that is offered to them.
While 69 per cent said they also can’t afford to buy the NFT assets needed to play, and 32 per cent said it’s more fun than playing on their own.
Asked why they chose Balthazar, 70 per cent said it’s because of the opportunities to earn more money, as well as 63 per cent for the ongoing support and 67 per cent said it’s more engaging than other guilds.
Many people in the Balthazar community rely on play-to-earn games as their primary source of income, as 69 per cent of respondents are not working as many of them were students.

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Less than one in three or 27 per cent said they have one job while three per cent said they have more than one.
Sixty three per cent of the respondents said they support at least one other person financially, of which five per cent said they financially support six to 10 people.
Over half or 52 per cent said they have used their game earnings for basic necessities and personal needs such as food, housing and bills, while 19 per cent said they have used it for education expenses.
“I’m not surprised by these findings because, just like us, our community is incredibly excited about the future in NFT gaming and the potential earning opportunities offered through Balthazar,” Balthazar NFT gaming platform CEO John Stefanidis said.
“They love play-to-earn games and many are ready to quit their other jobs to play NFT games instead, as they could potentially be earning the same, if not more from playing NFT games,” he said.

Charles Billich Unveils 70 NFT Animations

Billich and his artworks. Image supplied. 

Sydney, March 17: While there’s been much speculation around the world of NFTs 87-year-old traditional artist Charles Billich and the team behind Billich Alive hope to spearhead the ‘crypto art’ arena and connect with a new generation of fans as they translate his revered art into the digital forum through animation.
His latest NFT exhibition called ‘Journey of Flat Earth’ unveils 70 short animations with elements and homages to Billich’s past and current works.
Billich Alive is a project which simply ‘brings alive’ the work of the world-famous surrealist Charles Billich. Known for his renowned cityscapes and portraits, Billich has painted popes, presidents and kings.
His private paintings in the past have been known to sell upwards of $1m and he has works hanging in the White House, United Nations and the Vatican. Currently, Billich is the only artist aside from Michael Angelo granted permission to paint inside the Sistine Chapel.
As part of the catalogue, there will be 70 animations available as NFTs, which are individually named and uniquely extracted from the lead film ‘Journey of Flat Earth’ (NFT 22.01).
The collection covers themes including six-sided earth forging a path through the cosmos, Lady Justice portrayed as a cosmic superhero and QR codes as an ode to the mass disruption caused by the pandemic.
The master film ‘Journey of Flat Earth’ (NFT 22.01) features all themes in 3D animations and a bespoke soundtrack.
Billich has lived a colourful life, and at 87, in this later stage of his career, the artistic luminary is again looking to break with convention by exploring the world of digital art and NFTs.
“With oil, you write a book. With a drawing, maybe a page, at best a chapter. I now want to write a movie, using my paintbrush,”Billich said.
Geoffrey McDonald, Managing Director of Billich Alive, said that while there is something unique and special about NFTs, “there needs to be a differentiation between recognised artists, like Billich, and the ‘crypto punk bored apes’ for the NFT practice to hold significant value.”
With NFTs on the move, McDonald who is also a leading Sydney barrister and accountant outlines that NFTs provide value as they act as an identifier that can be used to track ownership, which may mitigate questions around the legitimacy of the artwork in the future.
He projects that NFTs may soon set the standard of authenticating all art in the future, whether that be traditional or digital.
As a traditional artist, Billich feels there will also be a place for galleries and traditional artworks, however, ultimately, the future of art will be digital.
Investors, creatives and art lovers can see the catalogue here or take in Billich’s defining traditional work at Billich Gallery at The Rocks in Sydney.

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