Tasman Luxury Collection Experience

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By June Ramli

It has been more than a week since I had the pleasure of staying at The Tasman, a luxurious five-star hotel nestled right in the heart of Hobart’s city centre.
Conveniently located on Murray Street, the hotel is within a stone’s throw of the shopping district, government offices, and the waterfront, which serves as a gateway to exploring the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA).
It’s also well-connected to various attractions and easily accessible via Uber or taxis, yes taxis which is a stark contrast to the prevalent ride-sharing culture in larger cities like Sydney and Melbourne.
Speaking of taxis, it’s worth noting that in Hobart, traditional taxi services are still widely embraced, which is a refreshing departure from the norm.

Exploring the David Park Suite at the Tasman.

The Tasman’s strategic location is ideal for business travellers, especially government officials on official duties, as it sits in close proximity to government buildings, with the University of Tasmania not far away.
Despite its five-star status, The Tasman retains a certain unassuming charm from its days as a former hospital, evident in its exterior.
It’s this unique heritage charm that makes the hotel stand out.

Discover the beauty of The Tasman in Hobart.
The Exclusive Black Wood Bathtub: A David Park Suite Highlight at The Tasman.

During the construction phase, a historian was brought in to ensure that the building’s historical elements seamlessly blended with the new.
Upon arrival, I was greeted with genuine warmth and enthusiasm.
The bellboy promptly took charge of my luggage and inquired about my choice of welcome drink.
I opted for sparkling water, and it was promptly delivered.
The hotel does require a deposit of $100 per night, refundable upon check-out provided the room is in good order.

Elegant Slumber in St. David Park Suite.

In most rooms, the mini-bar items are charged separately, so it’s a good idea to clarify this with the reception during check-in.
The Tasman is relatively compact compared to other five-star hotels I’ve visited, housing a small gym on the lower floor alongside the various restaurants: Peppina, Mary Mary, and the Deco Lounge. Unfortunately, my brief stay didn’t allow me the opportunity to savour the culinary offerings at the Deco Lounge.
Nevertheless, I couldn’t help but notice that the Deco Lounge radiates a warm and inviting ambience, reminiscent of the chic jazz bars found in New York City.
The stylish space is adorned with lavish teak furnishings and bathed in softly subdued lighting, creating an atmosphere of understated sophistication.
But why choose The Tasman over other more economical alternatives in the city?

James Nobleza: The Tasman's Exceptional Concierge
James Nobleza: The Tasman’s Exceptional Concierge.

The answer lies in James Nobleza, the Chief Concierge of the hotel and the only member of Les Clefs d’Or based in Hobart, Tasmania.
Nobleza goes above and beyond to ensure your stay at The Tasman is nothing short of exceptional.
During my visit, I witnessed a couple from Sydney expressing their gratitude to Nobleza for his invaluable assistance in making their real estate venture in Hobart a reality.
They were so appreciative that they hugged him tightly before leaving.

Enchanted by Luxury – The Room I Experienced

For our readers focused on business and entrepreneurship, The Tasman offers more than just a comfortable stay.
Its prime location in the city centre, coupled with Nobleza’s extensive local knowledge and connections, can significantly reduce the challenges of conducting business in Hobart.

Scenic view at Deco King, the Tasman.

If you plan to explore attractions far from the hotel, the concierge can arrange transportation for a fee, ensuring a smooth and convenient experience.
I wholeheartedly recommend The Tasman to anyone seeking a brief stay in Hobart, whether it’s to scout for office space or invest in the city’s property market.

The Tasman’s Marketing Specialist Mitch Martin is seen here at the Pavilion Suite at The Tasman.

As property prices continue to soar in Sydney and Melbourne, Hobart presents an affordable alternative.
For those looking to establish a presence, Hobart is only an hour and a half flight away from Sydney, making it an ideal location for setting up shop and travelling to Sydney or Melbourne only when necessary, such as for presentations or contract signings.

Pavilion Suites: A Maritime Marvel

These corner suites celebrate Hobart's maritime heritage with expansive water views, an elegant color palette, and luxurious amenities.
Pavilion Suites: A Maritime Marvel These corner suites celebrate Hobart’s maritime heritage with expansive water views, an elegant colour palette, and luxurious amenities.

In summary, I recommend considering a stay at The Tasman in Hobart for your business endeavours.
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The Tasman: Where Historical Legacy Meets Contemporary Design

The Tasman, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Hobart, boasts a rich history that unfolds through its remarkable suites, each meticulously designed to showcase the hotel’s captivating architectural narrative.
Among the highlights are The St. David’s Park Suite, boasting an original 1840s ceiling and fireplace for a heritage-inspired experience, and The Aurora Suite, representing the pinnacle of modern luxury with panoramic views of the River Derwent from an expansive terrace.

Every Brushstroke Tells a Story: The Artful Room at The Tasman
Every Brushstroke Tells a Story: The Artful Room at The Tasman

This unique architectural experience seamlessly blends historical legacy with a modern vision, offering guests a diverse range of experiences throughout its 152 distinctive rooms.
The hotel, brought to life by award-winning Australian architects FJMT and Joseph Pang Design for Interiors, provides guests with an opportunity to immerse themselves in three distinct eras of design within the property.
The signature new suites, including The St. David’s Park Suite, provide unique and unforgettable stays for guests, characterized by historical details, grandeur, and carefully curated artwork.

Timeless charm meets modern luxury in the retro bathrooms of The Tasman.

The Pavilion Suites offer stunning waterfront views, reflecting Hobart’s maritime environment with elegance and contemporary design.
Lastly, The Aurora Suite, located on the rooftop, delivers the ultimate luxury experience with its breathtaking views and private terrace, complete with a handcrafted fire pit.

Old is gold, and The Tasman has preserved the hospital's historic touches, keeping the charm of the past alive.
Old is gold, and The Tasman has preserved the hospital’s historic touches, keeping the charm of the past alive.

The hotel also features fine Italian linens from Frette and a selection of co-branded amenities and minibar offerings, showcasing local Australian brands.
Its strategic location near the waterfront, Mona Ferry, and Salamanca Markets makes The Tasman an ideal choice for travellers, and it plays a central role in the revitalization of Parliament Square, adding to the city’s historical fabric with a modern architectural statement.
The hotel’s heritage corridors, adorned with local art, offer a unique historical journey for guests, creating an art gallery experience.

Discover an incredible art collection at The Tasman, featuring masterpieces like this portrait of the Tasmanian Tiger.
Discover an incredible art collection at The Tasman, featuring masterpieces like this portrait of the Tasmanian Tiger.

Editor’s Note: The photos for this assignment were captured with the Canon EOS R8, generously provided to us as a loan for the purpose of this trip. You can find an in-depth review of this camera by following this link.

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