Chance Meeting with Hemsworth

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By June Ramli

Sydney, Nov 6: It was a regular morning at Heathrow Airport, bustling with travellers from all walks of life.
Among the crowd, Nurulhidayah Ahmad Zahid, a prominent Malaysian media personality, and her husband, Datuk Saiful Nizam.
Little did they know that this ordinary day would soon become an extraordinary one.
As they went about their business, something caught Nurul’s husband’s eye – a familiar face in the crowd.
It was none other than Chris Hemsworth, the renowned actor known for his iconic portrayal of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Excitement surged through her, and she couldn’t resist the urge to approach him.
Nurul, who is also the daughter of Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister Zahid Hamidi, approached Chris with a mix of enthusiasm and apprehension, politely asking if she could take a picture with him.
To her delight, he agreed without hesitation.

The original photo: Nurul is on the right with Chris on the left, accompanied by her husband Saiful in the background.

Her husband, Saiful, can be seen in the background in the photo which will forever serve as a cherished memory for the couple.
But Nurul’s curiosity extended beyond a simple snapshot.
She engaged in a brief conversation with the actor, asking him about his visit.
With a friendly smile, Chris mentioned that he was on vacation in London – a well-deserved break from his busy schedule.
Their conversation didn’t end there.
Nurul even inquired about his upcoming projects, and Chris casually shared that a new film was on the horizon.
The friendly exchange left her with a newfound respect for the actor, not only for his talent but also for his approachability.
The brief but delightful interaction at Heathrow Airport left Nurul with a heartwarming story to tell to her children.
While Nurul refrained from intruding on his privacy with multiple photos, the single snapshot she took serves as a wonderful memento of the day she met the God of Thunder himself.
It was an encounter that would become a cherished memory for her and her husband for years to come.

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