The tantalizing Taste of Peppina

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By June Ramli

Peppina is not your typical Italian restaurant in Hobart. Known for its exclusivity, it dares to be different by offering a menu that excludes chicken. This decision encourages diners to explore new flavours and indulge in a range of dishes. June Ramli, a food enthusiast, shares her culinary journey at Peppina, which is adjacent to Mary Mary in Hobart. In this review, you’ll discover the distinctive dishes she savoured, the cosy ambience, and the international staff that make Peppina a standout dining destination. Join us as we explore a one-of-a-kind restaurant that promises a memorable meal in Hobart.

After an exquisite experience sipping mocktails and savouring fresh oysters at Mary Mary, I embarked on the next leg of my culinary adventure, a delightful rendezvous with Peppina, an Italian restaurant closely affiliated with Mary Mary in Hobart.
What sets Peppina apart is its intriguing approach – it’s a chicken-free zone, designed to entice diners into uncharted culinary territory.
Intrigued, I decided to explore this distinctive Italian dining experience.

Dining Delight at Peppina, The Tasman, Hobart
Dining Delight at Peppina, The Tasman, Hobart.

My journey through Peppina’s menu was a tapestry of delectable flavours.
I had the privilege of indulging in scallops and lamb, culminating in a sweet and satisfying affogato. However, my decision to show restraint was guided by the lingering satiety from my earlier visit to Mary Mary, where I had succumbed to the alluring charms of delectable nibbles, especially the pizza, which was unlike any I’d experienced before.

Discover the beauty of The Tasman in Hobart.
The Alluring Open Kitchen at Peppina.

The innovative choice of a bread-based dough made it not only appetizing but also surprisingly filling.
In retrospect, I wish I had managed my appetite better, allowing me to explore more of Peppina’s offerings and provide a comprehensive review.
The scallops, a seafood delicacy, were skillfully prepared, leaving a lasting impression on my taste buds. Yet, I couldn’t help but ponder the unconventional plating, which incorporated intriguing elements like rocks and a plant resembling aloe vera.
Savouring Peppina’s Irresistible Lamb Chop

The visual presentation was as much a talking point as the flavours themselves.
It was a unique touch that added to the restaurant’s character.
Peppina distinguishes itself from traditional Italian establishments in more ways than one.
Rather than the customary bread and olive oil starter, the restaurant opts for a fresh, non-traditional approach.
The lamb dish I ordered stood out for its tenderness and flavorful profile, which was an excellent culinary experience.

Although I was tempted by a second serving, the sight of sheep grazing during my journey from Launceston to Hobart gave me pause, and I couldn’t help but contemplate the source of this savoury meat.
Dessert beckoned with the promise of tiramisu, a classic Italian treat.
However, I received a surprising revelation – this version contained a pork-based ingredient, which, regrettably, didn’t align with my dietary choices.
A striking feature of Peppina is its open kitchen concept, providing diners with a front-row seat to the culinary artistry at play.

Dining Delight at Peppina, The Tasman, Hobart.

The cosy ambience, complete with diner-style seating, lends itself well to accommodating both families and business associates, setting the stage for important conversations and sealing business deals.
What further adds to the restaurant’s allure is its diverse team of staff, hailing from around the globe. Conversations with these individuals, who brought their unique stories and exquisite English accents, enriched the dining experience.

Delightful Mornings at Peppina: A Breakfast Experience

Despite my visit occurring on a seemingly quiet Monday evening, Peppina was anything but deserted. The restaurant buzzed with activity, evoking the vibrant atmosphere typically associated with weekends. It was a testament to Peppina’s capacity to draw in patrons with its irresistible offerings.
The morning brought with it a new chapter of my Peppina experience – breakfast.
Over my two-day stay at the hotel, I had the privilege of sampling the delightful breakfast spread, a truly delectable affair.

The array of choices mirrored the breakfast spreads I’d grown accustomed to in Asian hotels, offering salads, various bread options, a selection of jams, pancakes, and a choice of eggs.
The spread was so expansive that a fellow diner found himself remarking on the abundance of choices, pondering where to begin.
The octopus salad particularly stood out as a unique and delicious choice.
Alongside the exceptional dishes, the coffee served at Peppina was a testament to Tasmania’s well-deserved reputation for producing some of the finest coffee and hot chocolates.

Discover the beauty of The Tasman in Hobart.
American Diner Breakfast at Peppina.

In essence, my dining experience at Peppina was overwhelmingly positive, presenting a fresh perspective on Italian cuisine.
I wholeheartedly invite you to savour the flavours and ambience that make Peppina a unique culinary gem in Hobart.
Whether you’re a hotel guest or a diner from outside, consider making reservations for dinner to ensure you don’t miss out on this remarkable Italian dining journey.

Editor’s Note: The photos for this assignment were captured with the Canon EOS R8, generously provided to us as a loan for the purpose of this trip. You can find an in-depth review of this camera by following this link.

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