Budget Adventures: Melbourne & Tasmania

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By June Ramli

I recently went on a whirlwind trip to Melbourne and Tasmania from Sydney for a mere $100 round-trip.
Let me spill the beans on how I did it.
My round-trip to Melbourne was a steal at $45, and my Tasmania jaunt was a cool $79.11 for both legs. How?
I stuck to the seven kg luggage limit, skipped inflight meals, and left seat selection to the computer.
On my way to Melbourne, I ended up sitting next to an up-and-coming model working for a lesser-known fashion designer stocked in David Jones.
She even offered her staff a discount for future evening gown shopping.
Her signature feature?
A gap between her teeth, which was a hot commodity in the modeling world.
Both Melbourne flights had delays, but it didn’t ruffle my feathers.
Sometimes, these unexpected hiccups add a dash of excitement to your journey.
The idea to visit Tasmania struck me during a mind-boggling BAS class.

The writer was photographed with her luggage, weighing under 7kg.

My Tasmania round-trip cost $79.11, and I didn’t dip into any Qantas points this time.
I found out that I had company; many residents of Launceston hop on quick Melbourne flights, sometimes scoring round trips for as low as $39.90, all for a day of shopping, leaving uber early in the morning and returning on the last flight out.
It’s only a 50-minute hop.
Before you castigate Jetstar, think again.
It’s a godsend for penny-pinching travelers.
Mastering the art of packing light is a must.
Remember, no towels, toiletries under 100 ml for it to get past security, minimal clothing (a couple of undies, two bras, one pair of pants, multiple blouses, one dress, a comfy pair of walking shoes, socks, and wear your heaviest jacket). Once you hit that 6 kg luggage limit, stop packing.
In a nutshell, my journey is proof that budget travel is entirely doable.
Armed with some savvy strategies and a pinch of flexibility, you can embark on unforgettable adventures and even meet some fascinating folks along the way.

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