Grab Experience: Insights & Costs

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By June Ramli

During my recent trip to Malaysia and Indonesia, I decided to forgo my usual rental car and rely solely on Grab for transportation.
This decision came with its benefits, yet also had its drawbacks.
Over the course of my three-week stay, I utilized the Grab app for a total of 54 trips across both countries.
While it was a convenient option, the expenses added up considerably, leaving me with close to RM2,000 spent solely on Grab rides.
One significant factor that caught my attention was the consistent complaints from fellow travelers and locals alike about the escalating prices of Grab rides.
Even during a brief visit to Jakarta, Indonesia, where I typically opt for Gojek, I experimented with Grab for a period of 72 hours.
Throughout this journey, I met my cousin Borhan after 13 years of separation, making it a memorable reunion.
However, the escalating costs of Grab rides remained a consistent concern.
A chance encounter with a woman at Publika Shopping Centre shed light on a potential issue that hadn’t crossed my mind: insurance coverage.
She explained how expensive Grab rides were and raised doubts about the app’s insurance policies.
It struck me that she might have a point, leading me to promptly uninstall the app from my smartphone. Nonetheless, I continued using Grab for the sake of my safety.
Drawing from my past experience as an Uber driver, I recognized that when using ride-hailing apps, such as Uber, now integrated into the Grab platform, a sense of security stems from potential insurance coverage in case of unforeseen events.
Uber drivers and passengers enjoyed coverage of up to $2 million, creating a safety net that instilled confidence.
As I reflect on this experience, I’m also intrigued by an alternative to Grab known as Maxim.
I look forward to engaging with the creators behind Maxim to address a pivotal question: Does their platform extend insurance coverage to both drivers and passengers in the event of untoward incidents? In a realm where safety is paramount, understanding the coverage aspect becomes vital for fostering trust and ensuring a secure travel experience.

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