72 Hours in Jakarta with my Canon

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By June Ramli

On a spontaneous decision, I embarked on a journey to Jakarta, Indonesia, with the primary purpose of reuniting with a long-lost cousin.

72 Hours in Jakarta with my Canon
Capturing Jakarta through the lens of my Canon camera.

Little did I know that this impromptu trip would lead me to discover fascinating spots in Jakarta.
During my stay, I was graciously hosted by my cousin and his family in the lovely neighborhood of Cilandak Barat, where I also had the pleasure of meeting their adorable pets.

In addition to reconnecting with family, I had the opportunity to make some wonderful new friends who accompanied me on my explorations.
Among the highlights of my trip were visits to two luxurious five-star hotels: the Sheraton and the Regis Jakarta.
I found myself captivated by the elegance and grandeur of these establishments, and I couldn’t resist capturing the experience through the lens of my trusty Canon ER510 camera.

72 Hours in Jakarta with my Canon
The grand lobby at St Regis, Jakarta, Indonesia. Photo taken using Canon camera.

With my camera in hand, I embarked on an impromptu photo shoot, documenting my adventures and encounters during the exhilarating 72 hours in Jakarta.
Through my lens, I sought to preserve the essence of this vibrant city and the memories created in the company of loved ones, both old and new.

This photo series, aptly named “72 Hours in Jakarta with my Canon,” serves as a testament to the spontaneity of life and the beauty of unexpected journeys.
Each snapshot captures a unique moment, preserving the magic of my fleeting escapade in this dynamic and enchanting city.
I hope you enjoy my little photo essay of Jakarta alongside with my trusty Canon camera.

72 Hours in Jakarta with my Canon
The writer seen here with her Canon camera at the beauty parlour in St Regis, Jakarta.

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