Aussie’s Top Cuisine Picks

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Sydney, Aug 21: Australia, a hub of culinary diversity, proudly embraces an array of cuisines.
The latest research by HelloFresh divulges the preferred culinary delights of Australians, reflecting the nation’s vibrant food culture.
According to a recent survey, Australians savor an average of 2.6 distinct cuisines per week.
Eighty eight per cent of respondents enjoy their native Australian cuisine at least once a week.Securing the second place is Italian cuisine (44 per cent).
The timeless allure of Italy’s pasta, pizzas, and intricate sauces continues to captivate Aussie gastronomes.From delectable dumplings to aromatic stir-fries, Chinese cuisine takes the third spot (25 per cent).
Chinese culinary traditions have firmly rooted themselves in Australian dining experiences.
Mexican fare claims the fourth rank (24 per cent), followed by Thai cuisine in the fifth place (20 per cent).
Australia’s Top Ten Preferred Cuisines:

  1. Australian
  2. Italian
  3. Chinese
  4. Mexican
  5. Thai
  6. Indian
  7. Japanese
  8. Greek
  9. Korean
  10. French

Survey data also highlights that a quarter (22 per cent) of those aged 18-24 indulge in Japanese cuisine weekly, surpassing the national average of 13 per cent. From sushi to ramen, Japanese culinary precision, premium ingredients, and artistic presentation have carved a special niche in Australia’s culinary scene.

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