Review: JBL Quantum 910

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By June Ramli

With its amazing feature set and wireless design, the JBL Quantum 910 is a top contender in the market for gaming headphones.
It is simple to wear for extended amounts of time without experiencing any discomfort thanks to the stylish design and plush ear-cups.
Additionally, the adjustable headband makes sure that the headphones are securely and comfortably fastened to your cranium.
The JBL Quantum 910’s music quality is one of its best qualities.
You can hear even the smallest noises in your game with the headphone’s clear, precise sound, which provides an immersive audio experience.
A punchy and powerful low end is provided without dominating the rest of the audio, which is another remarkable aspect of the bass response.
The JBL QuantumENGINE software gives the JBL Quantum 910 a wide range of customisation choices.
With this program, you can modify the microphone settings, fine-tune the audio settings, and even make your own EQ presets.
You have total control over your audio experience thanks to the software’s simplicity of use and abundance of versatility.
The noise-cancelling microphone on the JBL Quantum 910 is another remarkable feature.

Check out our video review by our editor June Ramli of the JBL Quantum 910 here.

During video calls or online gaming sessions, the microphone cancels out background noise to ensure that your speech is audible and understood clearly.
When necessary, you can rapidly mute your microphone using the flip-up mute feature on the microphone.
The JBL Quantum 910 provides up to 22 hours of wireless playing on a single charge in terms of battery life.
This is more than enough for the majority of workdays or gameplay periods, and the headphone also includes a detachable cable in case you need to use it in wired mode.
Overall, the JBL Quantum 910 wireless headphone is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a high-quality wireless headphone with great sound and customisability.
The JBL Quantum 910 is undoubtedly worth consideration due to its cosy appearance, excellent sound quality, and simple software.

My personal take

As a casual gamer and a first-time user of the JBL Quantum 910 headset, I have to say that I’m really impressed with this product.
The design is sleek and stylish, and I love how the headset lights up when it’s turned on.
When I initially tried to connect the headset to my new Nintendo Switch Lite via Bluetooth, I had some trouble, but this was quickly resolved once the headset was fully charged.
Once the connection between the headset and the Nintendo controller was established, it was a smooth and enjoyable experience.
As a casual gamer, I appreciate the portability of this headset, which allows me to take it with me when I’m on the go.
Additionally, I can use the same headset to watch movies on Netflix or listen to music on Spotify through my mobile phone.
Overall, I’m really happy with my experience using the JBL Quantum 910 headset.

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