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By June Ramli

I attended my very first tech recruitment networking event at the Hatch’s headquarters somewhere in King Cross last Friday.
I think Hatch AU is the sister company of an Australian tech startup turned juggernaut Air Tasker – but don’t quote me on that.
I got an email early last week about the event and so I thought of checking it out first hand just to get a feel at what these kinds of events are like.
I have never been to a tech recruitment networking event before, even in Malaysia, and so I thought I’d give it a go.
After much hesitation and deliberation as I almost didn’t want to go at the very last minute, I showed up at the event almost 20 minutes late from their original start time.
I was greeted by two staff at the entrance asking me to write my name down on a sticker as well as my childhood ambition.
I did not write down my childhood ambition simply because I couldn’t remember what it was.
When I got up three flights of stairs to where the event was, there were loads of people there just standing around at and open space and mingling with one another.
I later realised that most of the people there were friends of the staff.
The crowd looked very young and many were already gainfully employed elsewhere.
I spoke to one heavily pregnant woman who was there with her husband.
She told me that her husband had received the invite and she just decided to tag along to see what was available out there since she was having a baby soon.

The Hatch networking event held last week.

She was looking for something more slow pace or a job that could accommodate her new lifestyle as a mum.
It was also at this time, she turned around and asked me what I was doing there.
I can’t remember what my reply was anymore but she didn’t seem impressed by it.
There was one guitarist on site that was worth listening to and as soon as she was done with her rendition, I waited a few minutes before leaving along the couple that I just made friends with.
In conclusion, I probably might not go to another networking event ever again as I don’t think such events are worth my time.
I was expecting the event to have a range of presenters stemming from all the tech companies around Sydney, telling us first hand what sort of jobs are available in their respective companies or in the market or what sort of talent they were currently on the look out for.
But alas there was no such thing.
The only good thing for me that came out from that event was my brand new Ikea sofa which I now have with me in my living room.
As I was sitting there and chatting with the couple, one lady sat next to me and told me that the couch that I was sitting on was from Ikea.
“I just moved into a new house and have had to buy everything new.
“That is why I know that this (pointing to the sofa) is from Ikea,” she told me before leaving.
Oh my god, that sofa that I was sitting on at the event was so comfy and elegant looking that when I had time on my hands last Sunday, I went to the closest outlet and purchased a new sofa from them.

Sofa by Ikea.

I didn’t buy the exact same sofa as what the Hatch had due to space constraints but I got something that was more aligned to my budget and taste.
On Tuesday this week, I attended a breakfast do event at the Google headquarters in the city for women founders.
The event started at 8.00am and ended at 9.30 am.
It was a super short and meaningful event.
Google had invited several women-led startups founders and VCs to a short session on the highs and lows of entrepreneurship.
There wasn’t much take away I received from this event except that one of the VCs had mentioned that there is very little support for women founders in the pre-seed level in Australia and that most investors had only wanted to fund from Series A onwards.
It was here that I found that the best way to get any funding is to ask for advice instead of asking for money right away.
Many investors actually get put off when you ask for money directly so the best way to approach this delicate topic would be to ask for advice on your startup first and by doing just that, you will be able to access the funding faster!

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