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A recent studyCurrys, discovered which retro games, through an analysis of 108 of them, are worth the most now and how much they have grown in worth since their release.
Sqoon, a 1987 Japanese first person shooter made for the Nintendo Entertainment System topped the list with a current retail value of $13769 for a new copy.
This is a 50196 per cent increase on its original RRP of $27.38 at the time of its release. Soccer, a 1985 sports game, also made for the NES, came in second with a current retail value of $9718 and Clu Clu land a 1985 puzzle game on the NES came in third with the value of $9020.98 for a new copy.
The rarity of these games, being from the ‘80s, is partially what contributes to their high value.
But what about the games which people can invest in now for similar large return in the future? Currys worked with Roy Raftrey, trading card and video game specialist at Ewbank, to give predictions on which games people should invest in now for future gains.

Seven video games to invest in now for a big future payout

Pokemon: Sun/Moon, Nintendo 3DS (sealed)

Being such a popular franchise has meant many Pokémon items quickly become collectors items, and video games are no exception. Experts are seeing that all sealed Pokémon titles have been rapidly increasing in value over the past two years, for example Ewbank’s recently sold a sealed copy of Pokémon yellow for a whopping $3772.96! It is suggested by Roy that people should pick up sealed copies of Pokémon Sun and Moon, for the Nintendo 3DS, as a future investment in order to see similar returns.

Sonic 06… or other games considered poor on the PS3 and Xbox360

Some of the worst games in history are some of the most expensive because of how bad they are and how often they come up in YouTube videos or articles – it makes players, especially streamers and gaming influencers, want to experience them. For example, ET on the Atari was the start of this trend and Superman 64 quickly followed.
Those searching for an investment should look at picking up the Sonic the Hedgehog game Sonic 06 on either the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360. This games ticks all the boxes of a safe investment providing a beloved character, a popular franchise and successful developer Sega, but the game was so poorly received it was nearly the death of Sonic, and game play wise it was notorious for bugs.
God of War: Trilogy, PS2 (sealed)

The game God of War: Ragnarök has now sold over 11 million units worldwide (as of February 2023) making it PlayStation Studios fastest-selling title ever. It was highly anticipated after the God Of War game in 2018. However there was an original trilogy which was on PS2 consoles. As a result of the success of the newer games, the expert recommends that people invest in the original God of War trilogy in mint sealed condition, as soon as possible.

Super Mario: 3D All-Stars, Nintendo Switch

Games produced for the current generation of consoles are usually printed in the tens of millions, but 3D All-Stars had a limited print run and was only available for a 10-month window. It is now difficult to order the game new and the current retail price where it is available is $71.90 over ($162) what it was originally ($89.99). This means purchasing this now would be a wise investment for any collector.

Resident Evil

Games that were the start of a new genre should be on anyone’s radar, Roy remarks, for Resident Evil coined the phrase ‘survival horror’ and has over 20 titles to choose from. Picking up mint condition copies of these games is likely to be worthwhile, particularly any sealed versions of the original 1996 Playstation game, but also Xbox and PC versions too.

Dino Crisis/X-Files/X-Files Resist, various consoles

Over the last couple of years developers have been pushing the age of digital games more and more, for this reason older games that can’t be ported over digitally for reasons such as licensing issues or soundtrack ownership should naturally go up in price. Games like the Dino Crisis series, or games tied to TV shows like the X-Files games are examples of video games of this type. Specifically, the PS2 X-Files Resist or Serve are the ones recommended by the expert the most.

Super Mario titles

Earlier this year an unopened copy of Super Mario Bros sold for $2 million USD to an anonymous buyer, a record-breaking price for a single video game. Collectors should look at sealed Mario Games from the last 20 years, Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube, Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 on the Wii and even lesser-known games on the WiiU like Mario 3D world would be a great place to start, aim for sealed condition and keep them safe for a big payout in the future.

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