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  • Chia Yong Wei will be the company’s CEO of Professional Services to represent the Group and oversee the implementation and delivery of solutions and services offered by the company
  • He will be responsible for the development and oversight of PS strategies to transform and modernise current professional services into a viable business while strengthening the business core and maintaining a competitive advantage
  • Silverlake Axis recorded revenues of RM188M from Q1 2022 and forecasts significant revenue growth in 2022 and beyond

Kuala Lumpur, Feb 13:  Singapore Exchange Mainboard-listed Silverlake Axis Ltd has announced  Chia Yong Wei’s appointment as CEO of Professional Services to represent the Group, overseeing the implementation and delivery of solutions and services. In addition, Yong Wei will drive growth and customer relationships on the back of SAL’s strongest financial year in history, with total revenue recorded at RM 736.5 million.
Chia has extensive experience in transforming and building sustainable businesses.
A visionary leader in fostering growth in dynamic environments, he is skilled in cultivating strong relationships with business partners and clients, resulting in large-scale financial growth. Yong Wei graduated from the University of London Queen Mary College in the UK in 1998 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. In the past, Yong Wei held several key roles in Accenture before he moved on to be the Head of ICT of AirAsia. Prior to joining Silverlake Axis he was the Group Chief Executive Officer at Microlink Solutions Berhad.
In his previous positions, Yong Wei provided executive leadership in securing the appointment of Omesti as an Authorised System Integrator (ASI) of Huawei globally. He also led their expansion into the Middle East region, creating significant growth and opportunities.
A technology professional with over 23 years of experience in the technology services sector, his expertise includes solution delivery optimisation, organisational restructuring, and strategic business transformation.
As CEO of Professional Services, Yong Wei will work alongside SAL’s Group MD and Deputy CEO to optimise the solution delivery process and culture to enhance the quality of service to SAL’s customers.
He will also be working with them to grow the SAL professional services team and further expand their offerings beyond financial solutions to better complement customer needs and business goals. Yong Wei will take on the responsibility to expand the SAL talent pool through customised training, ensuring a steady supply and demand of skilled resources to meet changes in technology and customers’ needs.
SAL sees Chia as the perfect addition to build on their successful 2022 as they gear up to grow even further this year. 

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