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Sydney, Oct 14: Australia has been ranked as the most desirable wellness tourism destination in the world by Industry tourism leaders globally as part of the Global Wellness Institute’s (GWI) Wellness Tourism Initiative’s survey that was released recently.
Katherine Droga, Chair of the GWI Wellness Tourism Initiative, Founder of the first Wellness Tourism Summit and Well Traveller, said that the findings of this global survey supports the growing trend out of COVID that Wellness Tourism is the sweet spot for operators across the globe, with huge growth predicted over the next three years.

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“The flow on effects of the pandemic has seen a significant increase in people prioritising their own mental, physical and social wellbeing. This goes far beyond simply forming a new exercise or health regime and instead is becoming a key driver for travel itself.
“The fact that Australia is the most appealing wellness destination primes the country for mindful travellers who have a sustainable “tread lightly” mindset, who want to connect to local cultures and communities, travel out of peak seasons and are traditionally high spenders.
“This is great news for the tourism industry, whilst also telling us that the way people will travel is changing and for local operators to get ready for that,” she said.

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With 39 per cent of respondents voting green and gold, Australia pipped the top spot from Thailand by one per cent, who came a close second at 38 per cent, Indonesia placed third with 32 per cent.
With a myriad of fresh, healthy and locally grown food, pristine nature and wildlife, refreshing spas and springs, sustainable practices, award winning accommodation and venues and local cultural connection, Australia ticks all of the boxes when it comes to what’s important for travellers selecting a wellness tourism destination.
“Pre-COVID, wellness travel in this country was valued at $14 billion USD and was growing at twice the rate of regular travel.
This is a phenomenal rate of growth and very reflective of the need of our global travellers who are searching for more than just a getaway,” Droga said.

Australia ticks all of the boxes when it comes to what’s important for travellers selecting a wellness tourism destination, offering sought after fresh, healthy and locally grown produce, pristine nature and wildlife, refreshing spas and springs, refined sustainability practices, award winning accommodation and venues and local cultural connection.
“The value consumers now place on personal wellbeing and mindfulness has boomed since the global pandemic with Wellness Tourism expecting a whopping 20.9 per cent in visitor spend growth year on year through to 2025,” Droga said.
In response to this growing demand globally for wellness travel, today also marks the launch of Well Traveller, a new website dedicated to showcasing Australia’s vast wellness escape offerings and encouraging people to take a break. A hub of rich content, Well Traveller features destinations, operator listings, deals and events, interactive regional maps, must-have wellness travel merchandise and so much more.

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“The Well Traveller website has been launched today to help support the growing number of travellers looking for experiences to meet their specific wellness needs. Whether you are looking to nourish, heal, pamper, learn, play or move, our selection of wellness travel experiences have been curated for this traveller mindset delivering a range of price options,” Droga said.

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