Your Shot Update #7

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By June Ramli

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Sydney, Oct 10: Time really flies these days. Last week, I attended the final free DJ training session courtesy of Your Shot.
So in two weeks time, Oct 23 to be exact I would be performing my first maiden showcase at the Home the Venue in front of a room full of strangers.
I don’t know the timing yet for my showcase but I would be sure to update it in the next column.
Last week, besides our final class, we also had a group meeting at Home the Venue with the founder of Your Shot whose name I forgot.

June Ramli as DJ YayaEzzy.
I will be playing on October 23. Tickets are $30 per entry.

He seemed quite like an entrepreneur besides being an interesting individual. 
According to him, he started his entrepreneurial venture on a shoestring budget 10 years ago and has since grown the competition from strength to strength. 
At the meeting he told us why he started the competition. 
Basically it was because he realised that the music industry was filled with a lot of hard rules to what the crowd of young musicians had agreed.

Some of the other budding DJs at my class. On the final day, we all went in front and showcased our set for 15 minutes.

This competition, I believe, was a great way to suss out emerging talented musicians in the Sydney area without the red tape involved. 
He also mentioned that there had been DJs who had been approached at various worldwide festivals without ever being crowned as Your Shot winners.
So there is hope.
In all honesty this is a competition for the younger generation but for those who are slightly older who have full time jobs, you can do this as well just be sure that you will be able to set some time off your busy schedule to be able to partake in the classes and also attend those compulsory meetings which are usually held sporadically throughout the competition at 7.30pm normally at the competition venue.

All the budding DJs at the Your Shot compulsory meeting.

Although they say that these meetings are compulsory, you really don’t need to attend it if you have a buddy who can tell you what happens at these meetings.
Why do I say this? It’s because they never check your attendance but I attend all these meetings anyway because I need to find out firsthand what they are all about.
As a group, I have one more meeting to attend next week and one more final practice to attend this weekend which I had paid for.

Some lucky DJs would be able to play at this stage front.

Once you are done with the compulsory training, you can still access the practice sessions but these trainings are paid session, one hour is $20 and three hours is $50.
Both sessions comes along with a trainer on hand so that if you have any last minute questions, you can get some help from there.
Overall, although my journey on this competition hasn’t been over yet, I felt that this was a memorable event that I had been very privileged to be apart of. 
So, for that I thank you.
Till my next update, be good.

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