Product Spotlight: Glamore

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By June Ramli 

If you are on the lookout for hand sanitisers, then may I tickle your fancy with this Malaysian-based hand sanitiser Glamore? 
It’s a great pine-sized product that can be easily handheld or stored inside your backpack or purse and used at a moment’s notice.
These hand sanitisers were specially formulated using essential oils.
The product is not only great to be used on your hand but it can double up as a perfume as well.
My personal favourite is Rosy Fleur which to me is just a delight to put on.
The smell is akin to having a bunch of aromatic bouquets of blossoming flowers in the palm of one’s hands.
According to the brand’s founder, Glamore’s Rosy Fleur hand sanitiser is infused with geranium oil.
“It is used in ancient Egyptian times as a beautifying agent, geranium’s sweet, the beautiful-floral bouquet also gives out calming and grounding effect.
“For a moisturising feeling, Rosy Fleur is also infused with aloe vera extract.”
The other two scents are Glamore’s Serene Lavare which is infused with lavender essential oil and is aimed at giving one that calm and relaxing feeling all day long.
“Putting Serene Lavare is just like having aromatherapy on your hands,” Fossum adds.
Finally, the third bespoke sanitising product under the brand is called Simply Citrus.
This hand sanitising oil is infused with citrus lemon essential oil and also comes with an irresistible aroma as well.
Fossum said her company had teamed up with Malaysia’s SIRIM Berhad to develop her hand sanitising range.
“We also received approval from the Ministry of Health (MOH) and we are confident that our moisturizing aloe vera-infused hand sanitiser is safe to use for anyone of all ages, even for those who have allergic reactions or skin eczema,” she added.
These hand sanitisers are currently available on her very own bespoke website here.
Hurry, and get yours now while stocks last!

Glamore founder Hani Zul Fossum. Image supplied.

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