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It’s a job seeker’s market this year. Realising this, Poland- based Passport-Photo Online recently decided to poll 1,000 American working professionals to uncover employers’ deadly mistakes when hiring on LinkedIn to help businesses recalibrate their recruitment efforts.
The survey found that most working professionals 79 per cent of the respondents feel positive or very positive about employers reaching out to them on LinkedIn about a job opportunity.

LinkedIn job seekers: Call me a ninja, but also tell me what you are paying.

A full 62 per cent of candidates in the US have a negative or very negative attitude toward companies ghosting them on LinkedIn, with 63 per cent saying they are likely or very likely to avoid applying for jobs from employers guilty of ghosting them moving forward.
About 95 per cent of job seekers want employers to include a salary range in job postings on LinkedIn.

Roughly 69 per cent of Americans are likely or very likely to skip job ads on LinkedIn that use gender-coded or ageist language.
As many as 64 per cent of job seekers find it annoying when asked to fill in manually a separate application form after submitting a resume via LinkedIn.
Employers take note! The survey also found that crafting a strong job ad is key as most candidates spend an average of 49.7 seconds on a job posting before clicking away. If an employer fails to grab their attention within that short window, you’ll likely lose a significant portion of applicants.

Hence, we’ve decided to ask candidates what job ad details employers must provide on LinkedIn to encourage them to apply,
When we asked the survey takers if they think employers should also include a salary range in job postings, 95 per cent said “Yes.”
But there’s more. A full 69 per cent of job seekers said they are likely or very likely to skip job ads on LinkedIn without a salary range.
For one, it helps with pay transparency and ensures ​​workers are paid equitably for equal work. Two, adding a job salary saves time, as it automatically skips candidates who won’t work in your pay range. Unfortunately, just 12 per cent of job advertisements offer wage information. Diving deeper into the survey results, we wanted to unearth how job seekers feel about employers on LinkedIn using terms like “superstar,” “Jedi,” or “rockstar” in job titles.

It’s become common among companies looking to attract Millennials and Gen Zers, as they can arguably reframe how younger candidates think of the role and freshen a formal Generally, spicing up job titles is well-received across all the major demographics. Those 25-year-olds or younger and those aged 26–38 are particularly favourable of such terms, with 67 per cent and 68 per cent, respectively (vs. 64 per cent) having a positive or very positive attitude toward rebranded titles. Finally, most job seekers aren’t particularly happy about interview tasks.

That said, they are an essential step in the selection process, helping the employer determine if an applicant’s skills and experience meet the job’s requirements. To sweeten the pill, however, employers could provide monetary compensation for completed interview tasks, particularly time-consuming ones. The findings were derived from an online survey of 991 US respondents via a bespoke online polling tool conducted in April.

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