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Sydney, July 29: Have you ever been curious about crypto and asked, “What’s an NFT” or wondered how blockchain analysis even works?
If you have, then maybe you’re looking for a crypto refresher. 
Introducing the new Chainalysis Academy, a publicly available resource built for the crypto-curious. 
Chainalysis Academy is open to everyone, offering a quality cryptocurrency education directly from their training experts. 
With an expanding library of self-service courses and certifications, one can learn more about crypto fundamentals through videos, hands-on exercises, and real-world case studies to help anyone make sense of the evolving cryptocurrency technologies and ecosystems. 
Chainalysis Academy provides free training and paid certification courses that introduces and grows one’s crypto knowledge. 
Tackle the fundamentals of crypto with Blockchain Basics, a growing series of short videos that are digestible, high-level, and great for all types of learners. 
Interested in getting certified? 
Chainalysis Cryptocurrency Fundamentals Certification (CCFC) is the gold standard in crypto education and is now available for the first time on-demand at reduced prices from their live courses. 
Current customers can also learn more about our products and solutions to leverage their full power. 
Chainalysis Academy includes training videos, best practices, and certifications on Chainalysis Reactor, KYT (Know Your Transaction), and Ethereum Investigations – just to name a few.
Their training team is continuously developing resources and creating new courses to help their customers, partners, and the crypto-curious keep up to date with the latest in the space.

Chainalysis introduces Chainalysis Academy, a publicly available online educational training program for the crypto-curious.

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