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Kuala Lumpur, June 29: Malaysian consumer electrical appliances maker, KHIND, has introduced a first-of-its-kind rent-to-own scheme in a bid to provide Malaysians with easy accessibility to a selection of their products. 
The scheme represents an affordable solution to acquire quality home appliances that are reliable and trendy during a time when Malaysians are financially affected by the toll of the pandemic.
Currently available to households in the Klang Valley before rolling out to other areas and states, the rent-to-own scheme allows customers to gradually pay for their desired product through an instalment plan where upon completion, will retain full ownership. KHIND knew that easing the payment process through instalments would allow Malaysians to maintain their lifestyles by making a selection of their products more affordable. 

KHIND Introduces Malaysia’s First Rent-To-Own Scheme For Home Appliances. Image supplied.
KHIND Introduces Malaysia’s First Rent-To-Own Scheme For Home Appliances. Image supplied.

KHIND’s ethos is to allow their customers to ‘Experience More’, and the rent-to-own scheme allows them to do so in a manner that is easy on the wallet.
“This is certainly a big milestone for us at KHIND, to be able to affordably offer a range of our products for Malaysian households to own.
“This is part of our mission to make everything easier for users of KHIND products, who are ultimately at the centre of everything we do. We believe in giving our customers the best value for money, without compromising on quality, while keeping with current trends. In this regard, we are proud of our roots as a Malaysian success story, championing the needs of all Malaysians over generations,” Adil Jimmy Mistry, Group Chief Executive Officer of KHIND Holdings Bhd said.

KHIND Introduces Malaysia’s First Rent-To-Own Scheme For Home Appliances. Image supplied.
KHIND Introduces Malaysia’s First Rent-To-Own Scheme For Home Appliances. Image supplied.

One of the most sought-after products is the KHIND washer dryer, which affords users a hassle-free laundry experience with the rent-to-own monthly payment plans over a period of 36 months (RM 99 per month), 24 months (RM 139 per month) and 12 months (RM 259 per month), which includes free delivery, installation and a 30-day trial period. 
After the respective payment period is selected, customers can keep the machine, with no additional payment.
Best of all, customers who sign up for the 36-month plan before 30 June 2022, will only need to pay RM 1 for the first month, with the RM 99 monthly payment resuming on the second month onwards.
To ensure the machine operates at its optimum efficiency, KHIND is also offering a free annual care service plan (worth RM 400 per service) throughout the duration of the payment period, regardless of the plan selected.
This service, which comes at no additional costs, includes levelling, cleaning and disinfection of the machine’s tumbler, and the cleaning of various components including the inlet valve, drainage pump filter and the detergent drawer. 

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