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New York, May 3: TAFT, the direct-to-consumer men’s footwear brand, has announced a new limited-edition NFT collection of winged animals and correlating sneaker illustrations that will officially launch in June.
TAFT NFT will push the brand to be on the cutting edge of innovation and design, and evolution as one of the very first brands to launch an NFT that is hyper-focused on groundbreaking utility and hugely valuable benefits to the owner.
Within the past year, the footwear brand has expanded its reach by opening several new store locations in New York City and Texas, launching a clothing collection, and now wearable NFT in the form of sneakers.
Specialising in unique, bold, handmade designs, TAFT prides itself on having an inclusive vibe among its customer base and on consistently delivering exciting new pieces that are made to last for years to come.

One of the designs by TAFT. Image supplied.

Its newest venture, TAFT NFT is no different, creating a collection of correlating art and sneakers that are inspired by major fashion houses and winged creatures.
TAFT’s design philosophy has always been to make products that can’t be found anywhere else; pushing boundaries and pioneering to be leaders in the footwear space.
“We’re doing something absolutely unheard of,” Kory Stevens, Founder and Designer of TAFT said.
“We’re making a wearable NFT in the form of a sneaker.
“Much like how an NFT is minted, the purchaser will get a limited, EXCLUSIVE edition of the TAFT NFT Sneaker. Each pair will be assigned attributes randomly that match the exact NFT artwork.” 
The NFT collection not only combines sneakers and art but is truly unique due to its focus on the massive utility benefits to its’ owner.
For US$300, the utility exclusive package will include but is not limited to, one-of-a-kind NFT digital art, exclusive NFT owner sneaker, exclusive launches, promos, and drops, as well as access to a private Discord where users will have insight and input to new products with the brand’s founder, Kory Stevens and the TAFT team.

Direct-To-Consumer Men’s Footwear Brand TAFT Announces the Launch of NFT Collection. Image supplied.

With a limited amount of NFTs available, customers will be able to purchase on a randomised lottery.
At mint, the NFT will be assigned with certain attributes varying in rarity.
Whatever is received at mint is what will be received on the sneaker.
In addition to USD, TAFT NFT will be available on the Solana blockchain, who uses Proof of Stake, which is optimized to use significantly less energy than Proof of Work blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.
Using a more energy-efficient approach to secure its network, Solana allows it to operate with minimal energy consumption and a low carbon footprint.
With TAFT’s first venture into the metaverse, the company plans to continue to test and learn in this space. There will be future drops expanding on collections, further pushing the boundaries of creativity.

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