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Legal Profession Qualifying Board’s announcement on Nov 5, 2019, stipulates that candidates registered to sit for the examination will be given four opportunities to sit for CLP (Certificate in Legal Practice) and failure to pass within 4 consecutive years, will be barred from sitting CLP again. 
Accordingly, on Nov 15 last year LKPU announced that they have made a surprising decision by allowing candidates who registered in 2017 until 2020 who have exhausted all four attempts in taking CLP to have one last attempt to sit for the examination.
This new policy will apply to all future CLP candidates.
Although the purpose of CLP implemented is to ensure that Law graduates from foreign institutions as well as students taking a Bachelor of Jurisprudence or Legal Studies from our local universities undergo this rigorous test to ensure the quality of lawyers is maintained.
The time limit policy issued by the LPQB is clearly against the human rights of an individual to fulfil his desire to become a legal practitioner in this country, not to mention that this matter is also closely related to the status of candidates who have graduated from local University.
In 2021, we were shocked by the former Attorney General, Tommy Thomas as the chairman of the board adopting UEC qualification at the Senior Middle 3 level for CLP purposes from January 2021.
Now, the Attorney General is seen as seemingly ignoring the grievances of prospective legal practitioners.
Good lawyers are not only formed by sitting for exams but encompass a range of holistic abilities such as advocacy, drafting, consulting and communication as well as their problem-solving skills. Thus, the time limit policy imposed clearly does not contribute to the quality of the litigation.
One burden after another imposed on young people, those who have not yet finished repaying the National Higher Education Fund Corporation (PTPTN) loan to pay for their degrees which were once promised to, is now, coupled with the burden of a time limit policy that is clearly irrelevant.
In my opinion, the law minister should take sensitivity to this issue in finding the appropriate solution.

This letter was written by Mahathir Mohd Rais, the Bersatu Segambut Division Chief of Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia.

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