Review: Logitech Keyboards

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The Logitech Popkeys and MX Keys are two exceptional keyboard options that provide an exceptional typing experience.
Designed with advanced technology and ergonomic features, these keyboards offer superior performance and comfort.
The Logitech Popkeys keyboard is a wireless, portable keyboard that is perfect for on-the-go use.
With its compact design and easy-to-use interface, the Popkeys keyboard is the perfect accessory for anyone who needs to type on multiple devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops.
Its intuitive design includes keys that are specifically designed for easy switching between devices, making it effortless to type on the go.
The MX Keys keyboard is a full-sized wireless keyboard that is designed for desktop use.
Its advanced technology includes an intelligent backlighting system that adapts to your environment, providing the perfect level of illumination for comfortable typing in any lighting condition.
Its advanced keys are specifically engineered for precision and responsiveness, providing a superior typing experience for both work and play.
Both keyboards are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, making them easy to pair with your favorite devices, and they feature a long battery life that provides up to 10 days of use on a single charge.
The Logitech Popkeys and MX Keys keyboards also feature customizable hotkeys, which allow you to access your favorite applications and features with ease.
Overall, the Logitech Popkeys and MX Keys keyboards are two exceptional keyboard options that provide superior performance and comfort.
Whether you need a portable keyboard for on-the-go use or a full-sized keyboard for your desktop, these keyboards are the perfect choice for anyone who demands the best.

Logitech PopKeys

If you ever wanted to feel what it was like to type with a typewriter, then your best bet would be with the Logitech PopKeys mechanical keyboards, as it would give you a glimpse of what it felt like when journalists used to type page one stories in.
These days typewriters are only not obsolete but they are also very expensive to buy because of the sheer fact that their replacement parts are hard to find and more to purchase.
The other thing that is awesome about these PopKeys is that they come in three exciting colors.
My favorite is a Blast because it reminds me of the New York City cabs.
But if yellow is not your favorite color then fret not as there are two more colors for you to choose from and they are Daydream – a rainbow type of coloring that reminds you of all things unicorn and Heartbreaker which comes in Rose Pink.
The mechanical keyboard even comes with an inbuilt emoji.
This means you can type in your favorite emojis like this 😍😍😍 while typing from your laptop or anywhere that doesn’t have emoji capabilities.
This is probably the coolest feature of this mechanical keyboard. When you purchase this keyboard, you will find a handful of emojis inside the packaging which you can swap out as and when you want. 

PopKeys in Blast.
Logitech PopKeys in Yellow Blast which reminds me of the New York City Cabs.

But getting the emojis to work from your Logitech PopKeys to your laptop or computer requires a bit of work as you’ll need to download a complimentary software off the Internet before you can get the emojis to appear on your screen.
The software is free to download and available in both Mac and Android versions.
If you are a budding writer or novelist, this is the perfect keyboard for you to have as it just gives you the zeal to want to write better and faster. In my opinion, it is the clicking and clacking sound of the keyboard that contributes to this.
Try it and let me know in the comments section if you feel the same way.
The Logitech PopKeys is also best paired with their Logitech Pop Mouse which comes in similar colours as the PopKeys and both devices can be easily connected via Bluetooth to your laptop or computer.
The Logitech Popkeys can be purchased at all JB Hi-Fi stores throughout Australia and it is priced at $129.95 per keyboard with the mouse sold separately at $49.00 per unit. 

MX Keys

If Logitech PopKeys is not available at the stores and you need to purchase something fast to solve all your keyboarding woes then might I entice you to another Logitech keyboard product which is the MX Keys. I for one loved the MX Keyboards because they paired almost instantly with my iMac. Another interesting feature of this keyboard is that it even lights up every time your hand touches it.

MX Keys in Black.

Once charged, the MX Keys can operate independently without the need for a USB cable for 10 full days. Don’t get me wrong, the iMac keyboards are great but they are a wee bit too small now compared to the MX Keys which is spacious and an absolute joy to type with.
You can easily pair this keyboard via Bluetooth on any device and hit the ground running from thereon. This keyboard is pretty much for the serious folks – no emojis available here. Its all-black look makes it look very sleek as well and the device also comes in great packaging.
But what is good about this keyboard is how it makes you feel when you type on it.
This keyboard is also less noisy than the PopKeys and is great for people who need to pull an all-nighter while working from home. However, it is slightly pricier than the Logitech Popkeys but in my opinion, worth every dollar.
The MX Keys is available at JB Hi-Fi for $199 but if you can wait for it, then try Amazon as it comes in cheaper at $178. Trust me, you won’t regret this purchase.

My personal online review on both keyboards.

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