Logitech’s New Combo

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By June Ramli

Sydney, Oct 15: Upon my return from Melbourne, I had the pleasure of receiving the Logitech Pebble 2 Combo for review. I’m no stranger to Logitech products, having reviewed several items from this brand before.
This marks the third keyboard I’ve had the opportunity to evaluate from Logitech, with my previous two keyboard reviews available here.
I’ve used Logitech products sparingly on my desktop in the past.
The standout feature of the Logitech Pebble 2 Combo is that it’s not just a keyboard; it comes bundled with a mouse.
Setting it up is a breeze—all you need to do is enable Bluetooth on your respective devices and pair them with the combo.

Stylish Workspace Combo
Stylish Workspace Combo.

In my case, I decided to pair it with my laptop, although it’s versatile enough to pair with a phone or iPad. For now, it’s dedicated to a single device, but that doesn’t mean I can’t switch it between other devices as needed.
Now, let’s delve into the product itself.
Setting it up was a straightforward process, and the tactile experience was remarkably pleasant.
The keys have a smooth, silky feel, making typing a delightful experience.
The Pebble 2 Combo is available in four different pastel colors, and I’ve opted for the pink one because I simply adore the color.
It’s also not too bulky in size, making it highly portable for use on the go.
Logitech’s new Pebble 2 Collection, introduces a modern and minimalist duo featuring the Pebble Keys 2 K380s keyboard and the Pebble Mouse 2 M350s.
This collection is an upgrade to the fan-favorite Logitech K380 and Pebble.

Enhance Your Setup
Enhance Your Setup.

The Pebble 2 Combo comes in five fresh colors to match your personal style: Tonal Graphite, Tonal White, Tonal Rose, Tonal Sand, and Tonal Blue, all made with recycled plastic.
This slim combo allows for seamless device switching at the press of a button, enabling you to work, browse, and chat the way you want, wherever you want.
There’s also a dedicated Pebble 2 Combo for Mac users.
The Pebble Keys 2 K380s keyboard delivers a comfortable, laptop-like typing experience with its scooped round keys.
It also features Fn shortcut keys for instant access to functions like search, screen capture, and emojis, among others.
The Logi Options+ App allows you to personalize the 10 Fn keys to open your most frequently used applications instantly, allowing you to work more efficiently and in your own style.
The Pebble Mouse 2 M350s is a portable mouse with a slim, lightweight design and a natural, pebble-like shape that fits comfortably in your hand. With Silent Touch technology that reduces click noise by 90 percent, your work can now be more peaceful than your clicks.
You can also customize the middle mouse button with the Logi Options+ App to assign shortcuts for your favorite apps, like sending emojis on WhatsApp or controlling your Spotify playlist.
This collection reflects Logitech’s commitment to sustainability, with the Pebble 2 Combo, Pebble Keys 2 K380s, and Pebble Mouse 2 M350s being certified carbon neutral and packaged responsibly.
The plastic components include certified post-consumer recycled plastic.
In terms of pricing and availability, the Pebble 2 Combo is priced at $129.95, the Pebble Keys 2 K380s at $89.95, and the Pebble Mouse 2 M350s at $54.95.
You can find these products on the Logitech website.

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