That Cover Girl: Inspirations

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Kuala Lumpur, Oct 18: The grand premiere of Prime Video’s first Amazon Original series from Malaysia, “That Cover Girl,” turned the spotlight on a star-studded evening at Hilton KL, captivating audiences and receiving support from the National Film Development Corporation Malaysia (FINAS), underlining its significance in the realm of Malaysian entertainment.
The event kicked off with a glamorous fashion catwalk, featuring local influencers and talented cast members, setting the stage for an evening of style and sophistication.
Additionally, the event featured mesmerizing performances by renowned Malaysian singers, Marsha Milan and Hazama, who showcased songs from the enchanting series soundtrack, “Nafsi Sufiyya” by Marsha Milan and “Sang Pemilik” by Hazama.
The event’s hashtag, #thatcovergirl, gained significant traction on social media, enhancing the event’s digital footprint.
The event drew a diverse audience, including industry professionals, media representatives, and various luminaries from the fashion, lifestyle, and creative industries.
Directors Abid Hussain and Megat Sharizal, as well as key members of the main cast, such as Siti Saleha, Hisyam Hamid, Alicia Amin, and Aiman Hakim, led the press conference for this highly anticipated series. “That Cover Girl” will be exclusively available in Malaysia and more than 240 territories worldwide, beginning on October 19, 2023, with each episode released on the same day.
During the press conference, the creators and cast members shared their thoughts on the series:

Abid – The Inspiration behind That Cover Girl: “The inspiration behind ‘That Cover Girl’ was rooted in creating a strong female character. We aimed to tell a relatable and empowering story about a young Muslim woman navigating her dreams and challenges in the modern world. Our goal was to represent this demographic and shed light on their experiences. We aimed for uniqueness and a portrayal of life’s shades of gray. Human beings make mistakes and learn from them, which was the inspiration for this series. Siti Saleha did a fantastic job portraying the character of Sofi.”

Yasmin – Script Development and Casting: “I always envisioned Siti Saleha for the role while writing her character. She has consistently been on my mind; she is brilliant, and we were confident she would bring the character to life brilliantly.”

Siti Saleha – Role and Series Appreciation: “I play Sofi Safwan, a brilliant and daring woman. That’s why I took this role. It’s authentic and addresses current issues related to fashion and modesty. I was excited to see Sofi’s journey of self-discovery unfold throughout the series.”

Hisyam Hamid – Role as Arif: “In the series, I portray Arif, Sofi’s loving and supportive husband, especially since we are a celebrity couple and public figures. I’m there to encourage her to pursue her dreams and to be a pillar of strength during her journey. Preparing for the role involved understanding the dynamics of a loving and understanding husband. As I am a husband myself, it was interesting to explore how my character balances his role as a husband with Sofi’s aspirations and ambitions.”

Alicia Amin – Role as Laila: “As the series unfolds, you get to see a lot of colors. People will realize that everybody is going through something in life, both good times and hard times. Laila, who is Sofi’s best friend and business partner, is there to support Sofi in her journey of self-discovery and pursuit of her dreams.”

Aiman Hakim – Metaphorical Perspective: “As a metaphor, the series is like silk, smooth but full of details and beauty.”

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