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Dallas, Oct 18: Glorious Gaming, a prominent brand in the realm of PC gaming hardware, has unveiled the latest generation of its acclaimed high-performance gaming mice.
The new PRO Series introduces four new models: the Model O 2 PRO, Model O 2 PRO 4K/8KHz Edition, Model D 2 PRO, and Model D 2 PRO 4K/8KHz Edition, all available for purchase starting today.
Created for competitive PC gamers who demand top-tier speed and precision in FPS, MOBAs, and other fast-paced gaming genres, the PRO Series represents a reimagined feature set that takes Glorious Gaming’s highly-regarded gaming mice to the next level.
The PRO Series continues the brand’s commitment to delivering superior quality, offering optimized weights and reduced response times for unparalleled control, all encapsulated in a sleek, reliable shell designed for long-term performance.
The PRO Series ushers in Glorious’ lightest full-sized mice to date, with the Model O 2 PRO averaging 57g, the Model D 2 PRO at 60g, the Model O 2 PRO 4K/8KHz Edition weighing 59g, and the Model D 2 PRO 4K/8KHz Edition coming in at 62g.
These ultralight designs perfectly balance aiming speed and user control during intense gaming sessions.
The PRO Series also features a performance-oriented enclosed shell, enhancing control with improved, non-perforated surface texturing that provides a superior grip during extended gaming sessions.
With the introduction of the PRO Series, Glorious Gaming advances its mission of providing elite-level performance through the Glorious Optical Switches. Ideal for gamers seeking peak performance from their peripherals, the PRO Series Optical Switches boast an ultra-fast 0.2ms response time, five times faster than traditional mechanical alternatives.
Each PRO Series mouse is rated for a 100 million click lifespan, ensuring a reliable and precise experience without double-clicking issues.
Additionally, each PRO Series mouse features a BAMF 2.0 26K sensor, supporting DPI resolutions from 100 to 26,000, 650 IPS speeds, and Motion Sync technology, ensuring flawless tracking right from the start.
The Model O 2 PRO builds upon the success of the Model O with an intuitive design suitable for all grip styles.
The Model D 2 PRO enhances ergonomic form factors, offering added comfort for right-handed palm and claw-grip enthusiasts.
Combining performance-driven shapes and a 1,000 Hz wireless polling rate, the PRO Series standard models deliver instant results in a lightweight shell.
For gamers who demand a competitive edge in the most challenging gaming environments, the 4K/8KHz Editions offer advanced speed and control features.
Capable of polling 2,000 Hz wirelessly up to 4,000 Hz and 8,000 Hz when wired, the 4K/8KHz Editions provide unmatched smoothness and responsiveness when aiming with compatible hardware.
Customization is at the heart of the Glorious CORE software suite, allowing PRO Series users to take charge of their gaming experience as never before.
The CORE software allows for full remapping of each of the PRO Series’ six buttons and lets users set their preferred DPI settings, ranging up to 26,000, along with numerous other performance-related features.
The Glorious CORE software suite is available for free from Glorious Gaming and offers support for the PRO Series, GMMK series keyboards, Model O Wireless, O 2, Model D Wireless, Model I, and Model I 2 mice.
Shazim Mohammad, the founder of Glorious Gaming, expressed the brand’s commitment to delivering top-notch gaming hardware, saying, “At Glorious Gaming, we strive to provide the best-performing hardware to the gaming community.
With the launch of the PRO Series mice today, we’re excited to give gamers the opportunity to stand out among the competition!”
The PRO Series mice are now available at and participating retailers for the following prices:

  • Model O 2 PRO: North America for $99.99 | EMEA for €109.99
  • Model D 2 PRO: North America for $99.99 | EMEA for €109.99
  • Model O 2 PRO 4K/8KHz Edition: North America for $129.99 | EMEA for €139.99
  • Model D 2 PRO 4K/8KHz Edition: North America for $129.99 | EMEA for €139.99

To learn more about the PRO Series and Glorious Gaming’s offerings, follow Glorious Gaming on X, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube for additional updates.

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