Pax Aus: The Lowdown

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By June Ramli

Melbourne, Oct 9: I had the pleasure of attending Pax Australia 2023 over the weekend, and I was truly amazed by the sheer number of gamers and enthusiasts who flocked to the conference.
It was a gaming extravaganza that left me in awe.
On Saturday, the event was a complete sell-out, drawing an impressive crowd of 50,000 individuals to the Melbourne Convention Exhibition Centre.
They were all there to explore new games, shop for gaming merchandise, and, most importantly, connect with fellow enthusiasts who shared the same fervor for gaming.
Even my rideshare driver expressed his surprise as he dropped me off at the event on Saturday, noting the bustling atmosphere.
It was a testament to the passion that gamers exude.
During my time at the event, I had the privilege of sitting down with David Provan, co-founder of Bluemouth Interactive, who shared his insights with us.
He emphasized that gamers are incredibly passionate individuals who wholeheartedly support their gaming community.
This sentiment became evident as I observed their unwavering dedication throughout the weekend.
While there were fireside chats taking place on the MCEC extension, my main focus was on engaging with game founders from both sides of the Tasman.
They showcased their impressive array of games and accessories designed to enhance the gaming experience.
Pax Australia 2023 was undeniably a paradise for gamers, a place where their passion and dedication took center stage.
It was an experience that left a lasting impression and reaffirmed the incredible camaraderie within the gaming community.
If you’re a gamer or a budding gaming enthusiast, you should definitely consider attending these events in the future.
Pax Australia, now celebrating its 10th year, is only getting stronger and more exciting with each passing year.
It’s an experience you won’t want to miss, as it brings together passionate gamers and offers a glimpse into the vibrant world of gaming.
Be prepared for even bigger and better things from this iconic event in the years to come!

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