PikPok Draws Crowds at PAX

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By June Ramli

Melbourne, Oct 8: Harriet Prebble, the Community Manager at PikPok Games, sat down for an interview with DailyStraits.com at PAX Australia to discuss their highly anticipated forthcoming game, “Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days.”
As the Community Manager for “Into The Dead,” Harriet Prebble shed light on the overwhelming response to the game’s demo at the event.
Prebble admitted that while they were optimistic about the demo’s reception, the level of enthusiasm from players took them by surprise.
“We were hoping for it, but I would say, we definitely weren’t expecting it,” Prebble stated.
It marked PikPok Games’ first foray into PAX Australia with a demo for their PC title, introducing a new audience to the “Into the Dead” franchise.
The response from gamers exceeded expectations, with long lines forming for a chance to experience the demo firsthand.
Prebble expressed her gratitude, saying, “We weren’t expecting people to be lining up for so long, we weren’t expecting people to be lining up for two hours, but they have been, and we’re really thrilled.”
The primary objective of showcasing the demo was to gather feedback from players.
Prebble highlighted that this was the very first time players had the opportunity to get hands-on with the game.
It provided PikPok Games with valuable insights into player reactions, helping them gauge whether they were on the right track in developing a game that resonated with their audience.
“We’ve also gotten some useful feedback from people about other features that they like,” Prebble added, underlining the significance of player input in shaping the game’s future.
In addition to soliciting feedback, the demo served as a platform to boost the game’s visibility and reach a wider audience.
Prebble explained, “It’s also just a chance to get our name out there, have people see us who might not have seen us before.”
The demo was accessible to a broad range of gamers, extending beyond their usual pool of beta testers.
When asked about the game’s release date, Prebble revealed, “We’re aiming for an early access release in 2024.”
However, she noted that specific pricing details would be gradually unveiled throughout 2024 in the lead-up to the game’s launch.
Regarding the game’s development progress, Prebble acknowledged that while the demo appeared polished, it represented only a fraction of the complete game.
The wider game encompasses numerous levels, a shelter mechanic, and various gameplay elements, signifying that a substantial amount of work remains.
The unexpected success of “Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days” at PAX Australia has left the PikPok Games team delighted and motivated.
Gamers and industry insiders eagerly await the official release, as it promises to bring a fresh perspective to the “Into the Dead” franchise under Prebble’s enthusiastic community management.
Without further ado, let’s listen to the interview below:

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