Yeo’s Floral Immersion

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Singapore, Sept 21: Singapore’s iconic heritage brand, Yeo Hiap Seng, also known as Yeo’s, has introduced a refreshing and immersive experience called the “Yeo’s Drinkable Garden” at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore’s premier horticultural destination.
Inspired by Yeo’s signature chrysanthemum tea, the month-long exhibit invites visitors on a sensory journey celebrating the chrysanthemum.
It features installations inspired by various Yeo’s chrysanthemum brews, including the iconic Chrysanthemum Tea, the newly launched Snow Chrysanthemum Tea, and a unique Rose-Infused Chrysanthemum brew.
The botanical experience narrates the craftsmanship behind Yeo’s drinks, highlighting the quality and care that go into each brew. Visitors can learn about the different chrysanthemum varieties, from cultivation to the brewing process, and the meticulous cooling and packaging stages.

Heritage drinks brand Yeo’s launches spectacular Drinkable Garden at Gardens by the Bay.

The exhibit also pays tribute to Singapore’s founding Prime Minister, the late Lee Kuan Yew, with special edition Yeo’s chrysanthemum tea packs.
These packs commemorate Lee’s role as Singapore’s “chief gardener” and visionary efforts in making Singapore a green city.
Ong Yuh Hwang, CEO of Yeo Hiap Seng, emphasized the exhibit’s reflection of Yeo’s core values, combining heritage, creativity, and innovation.
Furthermore, the Yeo’s Drinkable Garden and the introduction of new chrysanthemum flavors represent Yeo’s commitment to diversifying its primary product ingredients for a more sustainable production practice.
This collaboration between Yeo’s, Gardens by the Bay, and botanical studio “This Humid House” aims to enrich the visitor experience and showcases Yeo’s dedication to floral artistry.
Visitors can explore the Yeo’s Drinkable Garden at the South American Garden in Flower Dome, Gardens by the Bay, from September 16 to October 13. Additionally, Gardens by the Bay will feature the Chrysanthemum Charm and a Flower Carpet, both supported by Yeo’s, offering a vibrant and immersive horticultural experience.

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