Ring Unveils Stick Up Cam

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Sydney, Sept, 21: Today, Ring has unveiled its latest innovation, the Stick Up Cam Pro, designed to enhance home security and surveillance.
This cutting-edge camera boasts radar-powered 3D Motion Detection, providing more precise and refined motion alerts, giving homeowners a clearer picture of events unfolding around their property.
Joining the ranks of Ring’s popular camera lineup, the Stick Up Cam Pro introduces Audio+, a feature that ensures crystal-clear audio quality. Equipped with two advanced microphones, it offers echo cancellation for optimal sound clarity. Additionally, it includes a security siren, further bolstering your home’s safety measures.
Ring’s Chief Product Officer, Jason Mitura, explained, “Two years ago, we made a significant leap towards improving motion alerts by introducing 3D Motion Detection to our Pro devices, which quickly gained popularity among our customers. Given that nearly 70 per cent of Ring Stick Up Cam owners use their cameras outdoors, integrating radar-powered 3D motion detection into the new Stick Up Cam Pro was a natural evolution.”
The Stick Up Cam Pro boasts a sleek and weather-resistant design, making it suitable for both outdoor and indoor use. Moreover, it offers flexibility with three power options: battery, plug-in, and solar. This versatility ensures that you’re not constrained by the availability of electrical outlets or direct sunlight.
Like other devices in Ring’s ecosystem, the Stick Up Cam Pro seamlessly integrates with Alexa, enabling users to interact with visitors through an Echo or Fire TV device, enhancing the overall user experience.
To prioritize user privacy and security, the Stick Up Cam Pro puts homeowners in control. It allows them to fine-tune 3D Motion Detection in areas of utmost importance, create customizable Motion Zones to trigger alerts, and establish Privacy Zones to exclude specific areas within the camera’s field of view from recording.
The Stick Up Cam Pro is now available for pre-order at a price of $299 AUD for the battery and plug-in models on Ring.com and Amazon, with shipments starting on October 18. Additionally, the Stick Up Cam Pro Solar is available for pre-order on Ring.com for $329 AUD and will be purchasable on Amazon starting October 18. This innovative camera promises to elevate your home security and surveillance to the next level.

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