Introducing “Rose, Rose I Love You”

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The iconic melody of “Rose, Rose I Love You” finds its exquisite counterpart in our signature cocktail, bearing the same name.
Just as the song’s timeless lyrics enchant, this cocktail is a symphony of flavors that gracefully dances upon the palate, evoking romance and cherished memories.
Beyond a mere libation, this cocktail embodies a sensory odyssey through the realms of affection and yearning.
Each sip carries you to a realm where flavors and aromas resonate with the sentiments of “Rose, Rose I Love You.”
It’s not just a homage to the melody but a sincere toast to the essence of love itself. Please note that the “Rose, Rose I Love You” cocktail is available at Man Tao Bar in Hotel Stripes KL. While the public can enjoy the bar, access to the pool is exclusive to hotel guests. If a visit to Kuala Lumpur isn’t on your agenda to experience the cocktail firsthand, don’t worry. We’ve got the recipe right here for you to enjoy.

Rose, Rose I Love You

Gin – 30ml
Elderflower Syrup – 15ml
Grapefruit Juice – 45ml
Rose Syrup – 15ml
Fresh Lemon Juice – 15ml
Egg White – 1
Tsingtao – 30ml
Red Wine – 30ml

Begin with a dry shake to combine ingredients thoroughly.
Proceed with a vigorous shake.
Serve and savor the melody of flavors.

Introducing "Rose, Rose I Love You" Cocktail at Man Tao Bar
Introducing “Rose, Rose I Love You” Cocktail at Man Tao Bar

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