Discovering Stripes KL: Hidden Gem

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By June Ramli

Embarking on my stay at the Stripes KL Hotel, I stumbled upon a hidden gem that had somehow eluded my radar until now.
While my previous searches on consistently directed me towards the illustrious Majestic Hotel, I was thrilled to uncover the understated elegance of Stripes KL, a smaller yet equally captivating counterpart to its sister property.
As a haven for both discerning business travelers and eager explorers venturing into the vibrant tapestry of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Stripes KL proved to be a destination in its own right.

Discovering Stripes KL: Hidden Gem
Discovering Stripes KL: Hidden Gem

Tucked away on Jalan Kamunting, its strategic position within the beating heart of the city positions it adjacent to a symphony of swanky restaurants, upscale malls, and an eclectic array of shops.
The ambiance of the surrounding locale transported me to the memory of strolling down Bali’s Jalan Petitenget, a street teeming with delectable dining establishments and boutiques adorned with finely crafted, high-end fashion.
However, it was the captivating allure of the hotel’s pièce de résistance that left an indelible mark on my memory—the enticing swimming pool.

Discovering Stripes KL: Hidden Gem.

As I languished in its refreshing waters, I was immediately transported back to the enchanting tranquility of Bali, Indonesia, where a similar experience had captivated me earlier in the year.
Much like that serene haven, the pool at Stripes KL seemed to hold tourists in its soothing embrace, coaxing them into a state of blissful inertia, reluctant to partake in any other activity.
The enthralling panorama of the city’s skyline that accompanied these moments of repose only heightened the enchantment.
Culinary enthusiasts will find themselves equally enchanted by the offerings at the Man Tao Bar, an epicurean haven within the hotel’s confines.

Man Tao - Rooftop Bar.
Man Tao – Rooftop Bar.

Here, culinary craftsmanship intertwines with the art of mixology, resulting in a symphony of flavors that dance upon the palate and awaken the senses.
It’s worth noting that my privileged stay at the Stripes Hotel was orchestrated by the gracious courtesy of
Their generosity afforded me the opportunity to bask in the lap of luxury for a span of three days and two nights, spanning from the 4th to the 6th of August.
This experience not only underscored the unparalleled hospitality of Stripes KL but also solidified its standing as a destination that seamlessly weaves together opulence, comfort, and exploration.

Discovering Stripes KL: Hidden Gem.

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