EPOS Solves MAC Compatibility

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By June Ramli

After initially discovering that the EPOS Impact 1060 earpiece was not compatible with Apple products, I had the opportunity to engage with EPOS’s customer support team in Copenhagen, Denmark.
They kindly offered to assist me in connecting the headset to my iMac, and I accepted their offer.
Here’s a summary of our interaction and how the compatibility issue was resolved.
Following a phone call and two Team meetings, I am pleased to report that the EPOS headset is now 99 percent compatible with my iMac.
It’s important to note that the EPOS headset is primarily designed for Windows-based computer users, as Macs are typically utilized by individuals working in graphics and design who may not require earpieces for their tasks.
In today’s evolving work landscape, telephones are becoming obsolete in most Australian offices, with headsets taking their place, particularly in contact center offices where remote work is increasingly prevalent.
Many of us are familiar with the background sounds from contact centers during interactions with customer service representatives.
As more companies bring their operations back onshore, it’s crucial to explore the benefits of using the EPOS headset to simplify customer interactions.
However, if your company doesn’t provide the necessary equipment and you find yourself with an iMac and a brand new EPOS headset, this article aims to assist you.
Firstly, you’ll need to download the EPOS software from their website and ensure proper setup.
Adjust your system settings to set the output and input to the EPOS headset, and remember to select the option for playing sound effects through the device.

This is how your output and input (seen below) found in your system settings under sound section should be set up on your iMac for the Epos headset to work.

It’s worth noting that the EPOS headset won’t appear in your Bluetooth settings as it connects via a USB dongle rather than Bluetooth.
This is perfectly normal behavior and not a bug.
While the headset features call control functionality, it may not work seamlessly with iMac due to a small bug in the call control software.
Rest assured, EPOS’s development team is actively working on a solution, which is expected to be resolved in the coming days.
For Apple users, it’s crucial to select the BTD 800 III dongle as the device in Teams or system settings, as it serves as the connection point for the EPOS headset.
Although the EPOS headset is primarily designed for Windows-based PCs, Mac users can still enjoy its benefits by following the connection instructions provided.
Australian customers can confidently purchase this headset, knowing that EPOS provides exceptional customer service.

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The EPOS IMPACT 1000 headset series.

In the event of any difficulties, customers can initially contact the call center personnel in Morocco before being transferred to the first and second level customer support teams based in Copenhagen, Denmark.
The EPOS Impact 1060 Series, powered by EPOS’s innovative BrainAdapt™ technology, offers a range of advanced features, including hybrid adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and industry-leading voice pickup powered by EPOS AI™.
These technologies effectively reduce brain fatigue and enhance cognitive performance. EPOS AI™ ensures optimal adaptability to various environments by suppressing disruptive sounds and enhancing relevant audio.
With the active noise cancellation (ANC) feature, the EPOS Impact 1060 Series effectively blocks out unwanted background sounds, facilitating uninterrupted conversations and reducing brain fatigue.
While the headset is primarily designed for Windows-based PCs, Mac users can still maximize its benefits by following the connection instructions outlined above.
The EPOS Impact 1060 Series, in addition to its advanced features such as BrainAdapt™ technology and ANC, stands as a valuable asset for professionals seeking improved audio performance and enhanced cognitive well-being.
Furthermore, EPOS’s exceptional customer service contributes to an overall satisfying experience.

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