Medical Drone Delivery Demonstrated

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Skyports Drone Services, a global leader in drone deliveries, surveys, and monitoring, achieved a significant milestone by conducting a landmark medical drone delivery demonstration for Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health.
This demonstration follows Skyports Drone Services’ successful acquisition of Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) permissions from the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT).
The demonstration was held for Thailand’s Medical UAV Committee, which aims to explore the potential of drone technology in improving the speed and efficiency of medical services across the country, particularly in remote and underserved regions.
The committee consists of members from the CAAT, the Ministry of Public Health, and the Department of Medical Services, with support from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunications Commission (NBTC), AEROTHAI, and Satun Province.
Dr. Sophon Mekthana, Assistant Minister of Public Health and Chairman of the Committee, expressed his optimism, stating, “With the successful conclusion of this demonstration, we see the strong potential of drone delivery services for helping people in need.
“When sick, even those residing in the most remote communities can promptly access medicines and medical supplies to receive timely treatment, or if disasters occur, drones can be used to support medical and humanitarian missions.
“We will be able to transport medical supplies, vaccines, and blood as needed, as well as use this demonstration as a model for future missions in other areas of the country.”
Sanjay Suresh, APAC General Manager for Skyports Drone Services, highlighted the importance of the demonstration, stating, “The demonstration today is the first important step in showcasing the tangible benefits of medical drone delivery services to the local authorities and healthcare organizations. “Drawing from the experience and expertise of our global operations, we are able to bring our rigorously tested practices and proven operations to Thailand’s unique landscape and demonstrate the effectiveness of our work.
“When safely deployed at scale, medical drone delivery networks will support the efforts of Thailand’s healthcare sector in better-serving patients through enhanced accessibility and timeliness.”
During the demonstration, a 3kg payload consisting of medical samples was flown from Ratchakit Prakan Stadium, near Satun Hospital, to a landing zone near Puyu Health Centre.
The distance covered was approximately 12km, and the mission was completed in under seven minutes. In contrast, the traditional route involving car and ferry transport would typically take around 55 minutes.
This demonstration serves as a significant starting point for showcasing the feasibility and impact of BVLOS medical drone deliveries in improving speed, connectivity, and safety in supplying remote and hard-to-reach areas of the country.
Skyports Drone Services remains committed to collaborating with the Ministry of Public Health, as well as Thailand’s regulators and authorities, to further advance accessibility to essential medical services through drone delivery technology.
This demonstration in Satun signifies the expansion of Skyports Drone Services’ operations in Thailand, following a successful year of diversifying its range of services across existing and new markets.
In March 2023, the company completed a Proof of Concept for medical drone deliveries in Kaga City, Japan.
Subsequently, Skyports Drone Services introduced its Cash-to-Master service for ship-to-shore deliveries in Singapore and Korea. Furthermore, the company’s Korean branch office, Skyports Drone Services Korea, was established through a Joint Venture agreement with local drone technology company Marine Drone Tech earlier this year.

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