Cool Gadgets You Need

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Dads’! Discover a world of awe-inspiring products that will revolutionize your everyday life in the realm of “Cool Gadgets You Need.”
From futuristic gadgets to ingenious innovations, this curated collection by showcases a range of must-have items that are as practical as they are mind-blowing.

Ring’s 2nd Gen Indoor Camera

In a world where privacy and security are paramount, Ring unveils its remarkable 2nd Gen Indoor Camera. Pioneering a new era of protection, this cutting-edge security camera comes equipped with a privacy cover that empowers homeowners to control their personal space. With a simple slide, the cover elegantly shields the camera lens, instantly deactivating audio and video recording. A sense of tranquility fills the air as users take charge of their privacy, knowing their sanctuary remains truly private. But that’s not all—this sleek device boasts a plethora of features designed to elevate the home security experience. From crystal-clear 1080p HD video and two-way talk functionality to customizable motion and privacy zones, Indoor Camera (2nd Gen) seamlessly integrates into any home. With real-time notifications and color night vision, homeowners can rest assured that every corner is under watchful eyes, day or night. Enhancing its capabilities, Advanced Pre-Roll provides a glimpse into the moments leading up to an event, granting valuable context. Easy to install and powered by a reliable plug-in connection, this extraordinary camera is a game-changer. With Indoor Cameras (2nd Gen) in place, peace of mind and unparalleled security become an everyday reality. Discover the future of home protection by ordering yours today for $99 AUD / $119 NZD on and

EPOS New IMPACT 1000 Bluetooth Headset

EPOS, the global audio brand, introduces the IMPACT 1000, an on-ear Bluetooth® headset designed to enhance clear communication in noisy environments. With the increasing prevalence of remote work and distractions, the IMPACT 1000 is tailored for professionals seeking focused engagement. This future-proof headset combines pioneering technologies, including hybrid adaptive ANC and industry-leading voice pickup powered by EPOS AI™. A recent scientific study by EPOS demonstrates the benefits of noise attenuation, revealing 67 percent less listening effort and 48 percent better speech recognition in noisy environments. With its intuitive design, all-day comfort, triple Bluetooth connectivity, and recognition with iF Design Award Gold and Red Dot Design Award, the IMPACT 1000 empowers productivity and efficiency. Available globally starting June 1, 2023, the IMPACT 1000 is priced at $485.00 AUD / $539.00 NZD.

 MX Keys S Combo

Experience the power of smart actions with Logi Options. Say goodbye to repetitive tasks as you automate actions with just a click or keystroke, streamlining your workflow with ease. The magic of macros simplifies your busy work, saving you time and effort. MX Keys S provides smarter illumination, adapting to your environment with backlit keys that light up as your hand approaches. Personalize the duration and brightness of the backlight with ease using the Logi Options+ App. Get ready for fast and fluid precision typing with keys shaped to fit your fingertips, delivering a low-profile, laptop-like typing experience. Stay in the flow as the new Smart Keys layout helps you turn thoughts into a reality effortlessly. Prices vary.

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