Ring Doorbell: Mounting Considerations

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By June Ramli

I recently had the opportunity to review the Ring doorbell, which was provided to me for assessment on this site. If you missed the initial review, you can find it here.
Now, I’d like to provide a follow-up review specifically focusing on the process of mounting the unit on the wall.
Although some time has passed since receiving the Ring doorbell, I must admit that I haven’t yet mounted it.
There are several reasons for this decision.
Firstly, I currently reside in a closed-door apartment where individuals must use the intercom system to reach me before entering my block and eventually reaching my unit.
Given this setup, it hasn’t been necessary for me to install the Ring doorbell outside my apartment.
However, the situation would be different if I were residing in a house.
In such cases, the Ring doorbell proves to be a better fit.
It is often observed that those who own a Ring doorbell are typically homeowners, especially those residing in landed properties.
This observation highlights the device’s compatibility and popularity within this demographic.
Now, let’s delve into the process of mounting the Ring doorbell on the wall. I must confess that I found this task to be quite challenging.
As an individual with limited experience using a screwdriver, I quickly realized that attaching the doorbell securely to the wall would require the expertise of an experienced individual.
Fearing that I might make a mess of the installation, I decided against attempting it myself.
It’s important to note that despite my personal situation, where I don’t currently require the Ring doorbell, those living in houses may find it to be an invaluable addition to their home security system.
For those who are interested in mounting this device, I humbly suggest considering the services of platforms like AirTasker.
This way, you can enlist the assistance of a skilled professional who can ensure a proper and effective installation, particularly if you lack confidence or expertise in handling tools.
In conclusion, the Ring doorbell is a suitable choice for homeowners residing in houses. Its functionality and features make it a popular option within this demographic.
However, if you find yourself in a situation similar to mine, where the need for such a device is currently unnecessary, it may be wise to explore alternative options or hold off on the installation until circumstances change.

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