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The portion of Generation Z or Gen Z in the company may not be that big right now but over time, their number must have grown to an increasingly important role.
Unfortunately, Gen Z harbors a problem that corporate leaders must anticipate.
As a generation that was born and raised in the midst of the onslaught of social media and rapid technology, they are smothered in feelings of isolation. This is also exacerbated by the pandemic situation which makes them even more lonely.
After adding to the storm of layoffs in recent years and being overshadowed by the threat of a recession next year, Gen Z needs full company support so they can contribute optimally.
Director of Graduate Program at Prasetiya Mulya University, Achmad Setyo Hadi, said Gen Z were generally born in the 1996-2009 period.
They are a digital generation who are proficient and passionate about information technology and various computer applications.
“Gen Z also chooses platforms that are more private and not permanent. They are known to be more independent and put money and work on the priority list,” he said at the 2022 HR Talk event with the theme “A Framework for Leveraging the Uniqueness of the Generation Z in Jakarta recently.
Furthermore, Setyo assesses that Gen Z tends to be less inclined to communicate verbally, is egocentric, and individualistic.
They are also interested in holding several positions within the company at once, if that will speed up their career advancement.
“So the challenge now is how Gen X and Gen Y must reconstruct their social life to understand Gen Z.
Likewise, in the future Gen Z must be willing to reconstruct to face the Alpha, Beta, and so on,” he added.

Gen Z Seeking Balance

On the same occasion, HR Manager PT Global Urban Essential & HR Operations Manager, Dexa Medica (Dexa Group Member) Friska Finalia Sitohang revealed that his party had recruited Gen Z to become employees several years ago.
He said Dexa Group employees are currently dominated by Gen Y as much as 57 percent, while Gen Z takes up 30 percent and Gen X only has 13 percent.
In the GUE Ecosystem, a Dexa Group subsidiary engaged in online marketplaces and health information, in first line management , Gen Y dominates with 55 percent. However, Gen Z has a share of 45 percent.
“Positions such as content creator leaders , product management , growth management , and matters related to digital initiatives are usually trusted to be filled by Gen Z. That’s the difference,” he added.
In terms of characteristics, Friska said there are fundamental differences between Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z who work at the Dexa Group.
For Gen X aspirations, he continued, they usually seek a balance between life and values ​​from the organization or work life balance . Meanwhile, Gen Y or millennials seek freedom and flexibility at work.
According to him, the aspirations of Gen X and Gen Y are very much different from the characteristics or things that Gen Z are looking for.
He said Gen Z workers at Dexa Group are looking for a sense of security, especially regarding the financial side.
Many Gen Z employees are not averse to being given a large number of tasks, as long as there is some payoff.
“Some Gen Z in our place are willing to work more, as long as security and stability are really maintained,” he said.
On the other hand, he continued, Gen Z is actually known as a career multitasker.
This means, he said, Gen Z could become permanent employees in one company.
However, they may still work part-time or freelance elsewhere. “The most important thing for Gen Z is mental health.
Jobs can still be found, he said.

Work From Hub

When viewed from the work ecosystem, Friska said the Covid-19 pandemic situation, which made people have to keep their distance, was very liked by Gen Z. Instead of attending face-to-face meetings, she continued, Gen Z actually prefers to have meetings via Zoom Meetings or FaceTime.
This is also what is found in Gen Z at BCA. Executive Vice President of Human Capital Management Division of PT Bank Central Asia Tbk. (BCA) Rudi Lim, revealed, “During the Covid-19 pandemic, BCA implemented work from home.
Gen Z really wants WFH. In fact, BCA is very concerned about teamwork or collaboration. On the other hand, employees who work online make the task monitoring process more difficult.”
The solution is that BCA implements a work from hub strategy.
“So, Gen Z employees don’t need to come to the office in the morning. They can work from a predetermined hub , the location is usually closer to home,” he said.
Rudi admits that Gen Z has brought new life to BCA.
“The portion of Gen Y and Gen Z employees working at BCA has now reached 60 percent.
However, we experienced 10 years of no recruitment or zero growth , namely in 2000-2010.
The problem is, Gen X will soon retire, and there is no replacement position,” said Rudi.
For this reason, he said, BCA is starting to accelerate in order to prepare Gen Z employees to be ready to replace Gen X and Gen Y positions in the company. Rudi said Gen Z is known as the “Strawberry” generation.
On the one hand, Gen Z looks very creative and full of fresh ideas.
On the other hand, Gen Z is often considered to give up easily and look for other alternatives.
“From an outward appearance, Gen Z looks confident and ignorant. On the other hand, they crave a boss who can protect and communicate with them,” he said.
BCA also carries the motto Senada which is also intended to provide support to Gen Z.
“Senada is also an acronym for Loyalty, Protect and Assist, which we are currently also applying to Gen Z employees,” he added.

Steps to Get Gen Z

With the growth of technology startups, Gen Z also hopes to work in these types of companies.
This is also what makes BCA have to “win over” them in various ways.
“Many Gen Z are reluctant to work in a bank because they are considered a conservative company.
To get around this, BCA began to approach through social media channels and visit campuses so that companies can meet face to face with Gen Z,” he added.
Friska said there are at least three things that become a guide for companies before recruiting Gen Z, namely communication style (how to communicate), understanding work life balance (understanding the division of work and personal life), and accountable freedom (freedom that can be accounted for).
“Companies have to be in the middle and know what their needs are. There must be honesty , trust , and emotional bonding that has been built since the first time they entered the company with Gen X and Gen Y,” he said.
Setyo said Prasetiya Mulya University had prepared various activities for Gen Z so they wouldn’t be surprised when they entered the world of work.
In addition to academic learning, he revealed that Prasetiya Mulya implemented non-academic activities through the management society program.
There are various non-academic activities provided for students, ranging from arts, sports, or religious spirituality. When finished from Prasetiya Mulya University, students will not only receive diplomas and grade transcripts.
They will also receive an SKPI (a certificate accompanying a diploma), which contains non-academic achievements.
“That will be their provision so they won’t be surprised when they enter the world of work,” he concluded.

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