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Kuala Lumpur, Dec 12: Alibaba Group today revealed the latest shopping  preferences of Malaysian consumers and the performance of Malaysian brands on its cross border e-commerce platform based on insights garnered from its recently concluded 2022  11.11 Global Shopping Festival.  
On 11.11, Malaysians were big shoppers for apparel, mobile accessories and headwear from  Taobao. On the other hand, consumers in China are strong supporters of Malaysian F&B,  health and pet food products. The mutual demand for products from both countries exemplifies  the healthy cross-border trading activities that took place on Taobao and Tmall during the festival.  

Malaysian Shoppers in Anticipation of Festive Season 

• On Taobao, where Malaysians can shop for overseas products, Malaysian consumers made the most purchases in product categories including apparel, mobile accessories and  headwear during 11.11. Among the top-performing brands were Nanjiren (apparel), Li-Ning  (sports gear), Deli (stationery and office equipment) and Xiaomi (consumer electronics). 

• The popularity of apparel and headwear categories indicates that Malaysians are on the  search for products to refresh their looks as they gear up for year-end gatherings and  leisure activities. Within the apparel category, some of the top-selling items include  women’s clothing, innerwear, sportswear and casual shoes. 

• Some Malaysian shoppers also took advantage of the biggest sale of the year to snap up  good deals and prepare early for the Chinese New Year celebrations in January 2023, as  suggested by the fact that red packets and cheongsam both made the list of top-selling  items during the campaign. 

• Due to the monsoon season and upcoming holidays, many Malaysians shopped for  outdoor related products from brands such as Nature Hike and Vidalido in preparation to  weather the storms and gear up for local and overseas travel. 

• Other popular categories among Malaysian shoppers include women’s bags,  makeup/beauty tools, fashion accessories (such as necklaces and earrings) and flip-flops.  

Malaysian F&B Brands Loved by Tmall Global Consumers  

Close to 40,000 overseas brands from over 90 countries and regions including Malaysian  homegrown brands took part in the festival through Tmall Global, Alibaba’s cross-border  platform which allows Malaysian brands to reach consumers in China, to offer a range of in demand merchandise in the world’s second-largest consumer market. 

• This 11.11 has witnessed the continued demand on Tmall Global for Malaysian F&B  products such as Old Town White Coffee, Munchy’s, ChekHup and Amazin’ Graze.  

• Health products from brands such as GanoExcel, BMS Organics and bird’s nest brand PT  Swift were also popular among Chinese consumers, showcasing the trend of people  purchasing a diversity of wellness products from overseas merchants. 

• Pet food brand Frisian retains its position as one of the top-selling Malaysian brands on  Tmall Global, sustaining its outstanding performance during last year’s 11.11.  

• From Oct 31 to Nov 11, 1,009 overseas brands on Tmall Global achieved year-on-year GMV growth of more than 100 per cent. Within the popular category of sports & outdoors,  GMV of surfskate boards increased more than 30-fold year-on-year, golf equipment more  than 11-fold, and cycling gear more than 450 per cent. Personal care and cosmetics categories  also saw notable growth. GMV of facial/eye masks with luxurious ingredients increased  more than 9-fold year-on-year, men’s personal care products more than 300 per cent, and  makeup sets more than 150 per cent. All these provide a glimpse of growth potentials for brands  looking to enter the Chinese market. 

Sustainability Remains at The Heart 

• Over 1.63 million products showcased on Tmall during 11.11 this year were labeled eco friendly and low-carbon footprint products, covering categories such as apparel, cosmetics,  food and energy-efficient electronic goods.  

• During 11.11 (since the start of the presale period), more than 16.33 million consumers  purchased eco-friendly products on Tmall and Taobao. 

Just Around the Corner – Taobao 12.12  

Carrying on the momentum, Taobao will be hosting the last sales campaign of the year, Taobao 12.12 sales, to offer Malaysian consumers a last chance to grab attractive deals for  their year-end gifts shopping, New Year New Home items, as well as Chinese New Year looks.  

Taobao 12.12 key dates 

Warm-up period: 8pm, 8 December – 8pm, 10 December 2022 

Check-out period: 8pm, 10 December – 12 December 2022 

Following its successful launch during 11.11, Taobao will extend the well-received 0 per cent Interest  Installment Payment offer for 12.12. Shoppers who select this option on the Taobao app will  stand a chance to win a smart watch (terms and conditions apply). Moreover, customers who  shop in the fashion category on Taobao during 12.12 can enjoy discounted direct air shipping  fees starting from only RMB16 for every two items. For more information, please check out the  Taobao Malaysia Facebook page, or browse the Taobao app. 

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