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Sydney, Dec 8: Deel, the global payroll and compliance platform for international teams, has unveiled the top emerging remote and hybrid work trends it expects to see in 2023, drawn from its deep insights as an industry leader in global hiring.
With over 100,000 employees and contractors using its platform worldwide, Deel has forecast 12 trends to look out for in the coming year based on insights from around the world. While 2021 and 2022 brought freshly coined phrases like “The Great Resignation” and “Quiet Quitting,”— what could 2023 hold when it comes to workplace vernacular? 
“In the past few years, the way we work has changed dramatically due to the pandemic, ongoing skills shortages and more widespread acceptance of remote and flexible working styles, which is why we are seeing new trends evolve like the emergence of the Chief Remote Officer and a rising appetite among workers for a Workcation,” Shannon Karaka, Country Leader, AUNZ, Deel said.
Here’s what Deel forecasts for 2023: 

Overemployed (by choice)

Remote workers are gaming the system by using flexible hours and asynchronous tools to juggle more than one job at the same time. For them it’s all work, more pay.

A Chief Remote Officer 

With remote work on the rise and here to stay, the title of CRO is popping up on job boards everywhere. Most job descriptions entail all the elements around remote team set-ups, including hosting in person events, how to work in different timezones, comp strategies, and internal comms tools.


Work while traveling the globe? Well it’s now a reality and more often than not, seeming to become the norm. New tools like Deel are enabling people to not only work from their couch, but even those gorgeous huts on the water in the Maldives.

Flex Holidays 

Not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving, and with more and more companies embracing distributed work, teams are leaning into the idea of flexible holidays. More workers are getting the power to decide what holidays they take off instead of a one size fits all calendar. After all, global teams are, well, global.

Gen Flex

The latest generation entering the workforce is having one of the most unique experiences in decades. While some entered during a recession, the latest generation has never even stepped foot in an office for work. Virtual work  is…well, their reality.


Today’s workforce is putting flexibility and freedom at the top of their working requirements (and life). Now more than ever teams are trading perks for the non-negotiable of being a Flexetariat.

Talent Snatching – Another day, another offer letter

In the midst of ongoing layoffs, one interesting trend is bubbling up. A bidding war for talent. Some workers are finding themselves working at one company for only a few months before getting a more appealing offer elsewhere, oftentimes out of nowhere. Talent Snatching can be savage, but competitive offers sure do have their benefits.

Sukima – extra time is extra money

In Japan, Sukima is something young people are embracing. They’re turning free time into extra cash with new apps, such as Jobcase, Timee and LINE Sukimani,  that help match them with jobs like waiting tables or making deliveries, so there’s no time wasted; just money earned.

Casual E-Signatures

With apps like BeReal on the rise, Gen Zers are skipping the pleasantries for more… “authentic” sign offs and OOO replies. There’s been an influx of language like, “Lukewarm regards;” “Another day, another slay;” and “In case of emergency, dial 911; not an emergency, try Google.”

Pick-up Parties – There’s a new type of tupperware party in town

Since less people are working from offices and together less IRL, people are finding new ways to connect at in-person brand events called Pick-up Parties. You order a product and instead of it being delivered to your home you collect it from an in person party event where you meet other like minded purchasers. 

Career Bouncing

Slightly different from salary bouncing (jumping from job to job in under a year to increase salary with each jump) – moving from one career to another, i.e teacher to marketer, to determine which career is preferable.


In a survey with Momentive Deel found that people are saving more than ever thanks to things like reduced travel, food expenses, and increased salaries. More than 59 per cent have increased their salaries and 64 per cent say they’ve increased their savings while working from home. 

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