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Members of the royal family have always been in the spotlight, and the skin of some of the royals caught the eye of the dermatologist. Expert on the subject, Fábio Gontijo, analyzed the face of these seniors royals and suggest some improvement hacks he use on his clients.
Gontijo starts with King Charles III, indicating that his rosy skin is because of the illness called rosacea, a chronic inflammatory disease. Idiopathic telangiectasias are delicate, dilated intracutaneous veins that are of no clinical significance, but can be extensive and unsightly.
“The use of topical or oral antimicrobials and antiparasitic may be necessary, in case of persistent, low-dose oral isotretinoin may be an option.” 

Dermatologist Fabio Gontijo analyzes the skin of the royal family members
Dermatologist Fabio Gontijo analyzes the skin of the royal family members

The doctor explains that laser or pulsed light are excellent for the treatment of telangiectasias. Many women consider them, even the small caliber, cosmetically unacceptable.
In relation to Kate Middleton, Fabio remarks that it is difficult to try to predict what was done, but in this case, considering her evolution and her age, “the botulinum toxin is certainly up to date.”
The cosmetic form of botulinum toxin, often referred to as “Botox”, is an injectable that temporarily reduces or eliminates facial fine lines and wrinkles.
Typically, what beauty products or treatments Middleton includes in her routine are not something the palace would comment on.
“The Palace said Kate didn’t get Botox from a London doctor, and even if she did, they’d never tell,” said Fabio.
“We see a smoothing of wrinkles, especially in the Middleton crow’s feet regions, he explains. I would bet on some fillers with hyaluronic acid or biostimulators, to recover and mainly to improve sagging.”
Regarding Duchess Camilla Bowles, Fabio revealed she has aged gracefully, and that is a result of the anti-aging method made with bee venom, he said.
“The mask promises to be an organic alternative to Botox, to reduce fine lines and slow down the aging process. Despite having mature skin, I would include some Sculptra sessions – that stimulate the body’s own collagen making – and fill in the Chinese mustache region for a more youthful appearance.”
Regarding other royals and adjacent members: Princess Anne’s offer of a nose job to Zara Tindall’s husband, Mike. An ex-pro rugby player who broke his nose eight times over his career.
He had the surgery years later after – headaches, sinus issues and being unable to sleep. Sarah Ferguson “confessed” to having had a little work done There was no hint of the ashamed confessional about this in an interview.
There are currently no plastic surgeons listed on the list of warrant holders given by the Royal Warrant Holders Association.

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