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By June Ramli

Last week, I attended the Amazon Seller Summit at the Hilton Hotel in Sydney.
It was nice to finally be able to attend an in person event where I could mingle with several other like minded people that would be pertinent for my business growth in the future.
As a solopreneur, this summit was welcoming in every sense of the word.

The writer at the summit.

I arrived there uber early at 7.30 am to be exact because I thought the event was going to start at 8am but it actually started at 9am instead.
I sat in for most of the sessions and while some of the things said at the event were stale news to me but some information was new to me.
So, it wasn’t such a waste of time.
The day went by fast and had been jammed packed with heaps of information.
If you are interested in becoming a seller on Amazon Australia, then you should make it a point to come to this event the next time it is held.
What surprised me the most, was that many who attended the event haven’t started selling on the platform yet but had already spent thousands of dollars to a third party service just so they could learn how to sell on the platform.
I met one Vietnamese seller who was about to launch some gift cards with the words “Thank You” written on it onto the Amazon US platform but at the same time had spent some $8,000 just to learn how to set up the business from a so-called coach in the US.
When I met him by chance at the summit’s coffee stand, he even showed me his listing, which wasn’t live yet but was going to be live as soon as his 500 gift cards arrived at the American Amazon warehouse.

The Hilton Hotel in Sydney, Australia.

By attending the Amazon’s Seller Summit you can be sure to do away with all these third party paid services as you will be able to learn from the masters themselves on how best to sell on their platform.
And he wasn’t the only one, I met another seller who is on her way to launch her product onto the US platform and had also engaged in some kind of third party service for help on how to start.
Her coach was Australian-based and she was even trying to get me onboard because she said he was now offering his coaching session for $1 for an entire month.
She is planning to sell some kind of baby product by mass producing it in China through a manufacturer she met on Alibaba.
She is currently at the sampling stage and is looking at putting in an order by the end of the month.
“I got my Chinese girlfriend involved, and the cost has been reduced by a half,” I remember her telling me voluntarily when I met her, without me probing.

The Amazon seller summit was jammed packed with information.

“I should have gotten my Chinese girlfriend involved much earlier, it is way cheaper, if you speak the language,” she went on.
As you can tell, the seller that I was speaking to was a caucasian lady.
But even if you can’t speak the language, you can still get things done. 
Most Chinese sellers on the Alibaba platform speak great American English.
They know they are sellers to a bunch of buyers from all over the world, and so that is why many on the platform can converse in great English.
Finally, I met a German couple from Port Macquarie who had travelled all the way to attend the summit in Sydney just so that they could figure out how to sell a blender on the platform.
They were planning on buying the goods from China, too.
But they haven’t started selling yet as they were just doing the groundwork at the summit.
This couple was smart enough not to spend thousands of dollars on some guru over the Internet.
Instead they came over and learned from the company itself.
Like I said, this event is a game changing event if you want to be able to learn from the experts themselves on how to sell on the platform.
It was an all day free event and to sweeten the deal, Amazon also feeds you with five star hotel meals throughout the day.
Till my next update, be good. 

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