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Kuala Lumpur, Oct 19: As Malaysians enter the new era of a ‘maskless’ endemic phase, where masks are no longer mandatory in most public spaces including on flights, in shopping malls and even some offices, this raises the question: how good is the quality of our air?
Aside from rising public concerns over the spread of COVID-19, especially when most people are opting to go mask-free, there are also other harmful pollutants in the air to be wary of.
Air pollution and the rise of pollutants in the air can be caused by various factors including the simple act of driving a vehicle for instance.
Driving burns fuel, which in turn emits air pollutants such as carbon dioxide and other harmful particles.
Other sources that contribute to air pollution include natural sources from wind-blown dust and open burning, agricultural sites, power plants, factories and even from our day-to-day chores right in our own homes.

Harmful pollutants are present in the air which are completely undetectable by the naked eye.

Not forgetting transborder smoke that drifts in with the wind from neighbouring countries. An example would be open burning that often results in haze in certain parts of the country.
Malaysia’s current air quality stands at moderate and is deemed acceptable.
However, breathing in air that is of adequate quality is not ideal for the long run, as it is not only a health concern but if nothing is done now, the air quality will only plummet further.
Based on Malaysia’s Air Quality Index, Sabah has the cleanest air quality in Malaysia while Selangor has the worst.
In Selangor, Kuala Selangor was ranked the most polluted followed by Shah Alam, Petaling Jaya and Klang.
Aside from outdoor air quality, the air indoors is even more important because it is two-five times more polluted than outdoor air.
This is due to the fact that the air inside is not circulated often and is coupled with poor ventilation.
This then allows many airborne pollutants such as dust, pet fur, pollen, dust mites and other biological viruses and bacteria to continue thriving indoors.
This makes it more crucial than ever to work towards having healthier and cleaner air.
Thankfully, one of the ways of achieving that is with an air purifier.
Apart from alleviating respiratory conditions of those who are more susceptible to falling sick, this is where air purifiers play a big role in indoor spaces to remove mould and pollen from the air, neutralise unpleasant odours, improve overall sleep quality and lighten allergen load for people with allergies or pets. Not only that, it also protects pregnant women and new mothers against particulate matter and filters all unseen harmful air pollutants that cannot be removed with normal everyday cleaning.
With its brand-new technologically advanced smart air purifier, the Coway Noble air purifier has been proven to reduce ultrafine particles such as viruses and bacteria – a must-have in every indoor space. Coway Noble has achieved various world-class design awards, it is not only sleek but is literally a life-changing household helper.
Among the features that makes this air purifier so unique and effective is the Double HEPA filter technology which has been proven to inactivate up to 99.999 percent of SARS-CoV-2 Omicron variant, Human Coronavirus (HCoV-OC43) and Influenza A virus (H1N1).
Coway’s Double HEPA filter is equipped with an additional antibacterial layer and an antifungal layer providing double the protection.
The Coway Noble air purifier comes with five different filter types and is complemented with UVC sterilisation to make up the unique 6-step filtration system built within the air purifier.
This unique design provides a constant flow of extra pure, clean and most importantly safe air.
The first step is the 4D Pre-filter that removes large dust particles, hair and pet hair while circulating air from every direction. The second step is the Smoke Filter that removes harmful gases such as Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), and the third step reduces dog and cat allergens and also dust mites with the Allergen Filter. The next step comprises the Deodorisation Filter that eliminates bad odour and harmful gases. Then comes step 5, where the 4D Double HEPA Filter is all geared up to inactivate up to 99.999 per cent of viruses including the COVID-19 Omicron variant, Influenza A (H1N1) and Human Coronavirus.
Finally, the UVC Sterilisation inactivates up to 99.9 percent of bacteria such as E.Coli.
Noble also features a first-of-its-kind 4D filter that provides 360° purification with coverage up to 66 m2, specially designed to capture, clean and circulate air from every direction. It also incorporates the latest smart technologies by alerting users of real-time air quality at a glance. The LED indicator lights up at the top of the purifier to notify users with four different colours to indicate current indoor air pollution levels. It will light up in blue for good, green for normal, yellow for poor and red for bad.
It also comes equipped with dust, light and gas sensors along with four mode settings – smart, turbo, silent and eco.
Matched with a sleek design, the Coway Noble air purifier can fit into any living space without being a hindrance. 

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