Your Shot Update #8

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By June Ramli

Ok, the stress has finally kicked in.
I have another six sleeps or so to go before I get in front of a room full of strangers to perform my maiden DJ showcase.

June Ramli as DJ YayaEzzy.
Come and see me on the 23rd.

In all honesty, this whole competition has been a struggle for me unlike my other peers who I believe are already budding DJ enthusiasts. 
As for me I had to learn this whole skill from scratch and most of those learnings only came to me via the free lessons that was accorded to me by Your Shot.
Besides that I have also been drawing inspiration from these two lady DJs, one is South Africa’s Lochive and the other one is Jeny Preston from Paris, France.

Lochive from South Africa is someone I inspired to be.

I did sign up for the extra DJ lessons after my free lessons were over on Oct 6.
My final paid lesson ends this week and after that it showtime.

Jeny Preston is another DJ that I have drawing inspiration from.

My DJ set for this weekend’s showcase is not set in stone yet. 
Well, the good news it is still being fine-tuned.
So, yes, this competition started off as a struggle for me to say the very least but the good news is that I am getting there.
Till my next update, be good.

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